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Imaginarium Magazine 12

Imbolc- Ostara - Bohemian Magick - Food Photography - Angelic Language- Holy Water

Imaginarium Cover 12.png

Welcome to Imaginarium,

     In this issue we celebrate the gentle awakening of nature and early spring.

We celebrate the Sabbats, Imbolc and Ostara, and organize various small rituals with the power of the Moon to welcome the changes both in nature and within ourselves.

In this issue, we also welcome some wonderful and magical creatures.

      The badass witch Veronica Varlow gives us a full interview about her book The Bohemian Magick and the magic of her life. Veronica will also share with us one of her favourite spells!

After Veronica's magic we will welcome Kate Fedyuk who will talk to us about the magic of food photography. Kate's gorgeous food photography with vintage elements takes us on a journey to kitchens full of colour and smells.

The lovely Everlinet with flowers in her hair welcomes spring and us to her fairytale 'kingdom'.

Japneet Chandoak shares with us three poems of her dark academy aesthetic.

    This month we learn the secrets of the holy water, the Enochian Alphabet, the runes as well as the story of the witch's hat.

     In this issue, Konstantinos Andrikopoulos takes us on a journey to romantic Edinburgh and talks about the city's pervasive romance and how this city changed his life.

As in every issue we'll go into the classroom to learn about astrology and tarot and herbology.

Fiona Beth welcomes us to Tea-Break Tarot school for our familiar tea cup.

We'll look at the secrets of justice and hanging on to the tarot.

We shall explore the bad guy of the planets, Saturn, in our astrology class and we shall learn the secrets of the therapeutic Scurvy Grass by the Welsh Herbal, and Coriander.

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