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Imaginarium Magazine 1

The first issue of Imaginarium Magazine 

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Come with us to the enchanted world of Imaginarium!

There you will meet the photographer Raminta Tybenyte and her magical work.

You can visit the Witch's Cabinet for some natural beauty recipes and the secrets of how to use the moon phases for your monthly activities. All suitable activities in a day-to-day planner!

There you can learn about Basil, the king of herbs, in greek witchcraft, in lore and legend.

If you like to know more about greek witchcraft, this month we are talking about  one of the most important ingredients: The Unspoken Water and the incantation to bless it!

There is a presentation of the artist Kay Nielsen.

And a Book presentation: The healing through Astrology

The goddess hostess of the month is Hekate, the goddess of witchcraft and fertility. Where was her place in the greek pantheon?

And there's space for some...home schooling!  Join the class of Imaginarium for the first Astrology Lesson for Beginners: What is Astrology : Astronomy and Theories.

The Planetarium Column has all the astrological aspects of the month so you are always one step ahead!

Also you can read a lot about astrological researches and articles!

And finally you can grab a cuppa and come with us to the Fool's Journey with Fiona Beth's Tea-Break Tarot school for the mini lesson of the Month!

Of course, if you fancy a flight... you may grab your brooms and travel with us through time and space, where we will visit Canterbury in the Gardens of England, and we will find out all about its Mysteries !

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