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Imaginarium Magazine 13

The Beauty Witch's Secrets- Burn the Witch- Twigg Studios- Uranus- Runes

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Welcome to Imaginarium World

In this issue, we celebrate spring with magical creatures!
The Imaginarium opens its doors and welcomes the enchanting Alise Marie, the Beauty Witch, and her new book: The Secrets of the Beauty Witch. Alise talks to us about her book in an exclusive interview and of course shares with us some of her beauty secrets. 
The photographer Rebeca Saray from Spain will enchant us with her photo lens and the way she combines photography and astrology!
Bene & Pascal from France introduces us to their impressive art: Voglio Bene! Art full of bohemian and grotesque elements, flowers, animals, and sensuality. 

Also, we will welcome Aimee Twigger (Twigg Studios) from Devon, England. Well-known to so many as she has won not only awards but also social media and our hearts with her delicious creations will share with us some space and some recipes!

As every month we have our regular columns about Astrology, Tarot and other Divination forms, Poetry, herbology, and mythology.

We will learn the secrets of the Rose, the flower that has thousands of years of history full of mystery and harmony. 
We will step into the classroom for astrology and divination lessons. 
The planet Uranus will start a revolution and the Cards of Death and Temperance will teach us about the perpetual cycle of life. Runes and ways of divination, in the second part of the Celtic divination feature. 
Our beloved mythalogist, Evangelia Papanikou will introduce us to the secrets of Immortality! The elevation of a mortal to the status of God or Goddess!
As every month we will travel to magical places! Hobbiton in New Zealand, movie magic,

and feel-good fun. 
Finally, we will organize our activities and our beauty care, based on queen Selene and her

cycles, while we will observe the spring sky in the Planetarium and what the planetary

encounters bring to our lives. 
Join us in an enchanting journey!

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