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Imaginarium Magazine 3

The problem of Evil -The Kingdom of Pluto - Ostara- Artemis - Nettle

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Welcome to the World of Imaginarium

In this issue we will step into the fairy tale of Carri Angel Photography.

We shall have a tea party with recipes inspired by literature and we shall make beauty recipes with the Moon's guidance. 

The Owens sisters of the Practical Magic Series will share with us their life lessons. 

We shall discuss the problem of Evil and we will enter the class of Imaginarium to have our 3rd astrology lesson. 

Areti Georgakopoulou is going to guide us in the Kingdom of Pluto, where we shall learn all about it as well as the plutonian times of our lives. Our hostess goddess is Artemis and the herb to work with is the Nettle. Then we shall get our brooms and fly to the festival of Ostara and Castle Combe in Cotsworlds, UK. 

Of course at the end, Fiona Beth shall be waiting us at the Tea break Tarot school for a cuppa with the High Priestess.

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