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Imaginarium Magazine 4

Cheiromancy - Aphrodite - Beltane - Amsterdam - Walpurgis Night

Welcome to the world of Imaginarium! 

On this issue we have a big tribute to cheiromancy and Dylan Warren-Davis. His book the Hand Reveals is out again, and Dylan is talking to us about the journey in cheiromancy, astrology and herbalism. 

A team, Art- Photo Projects is willing to make our dreams come true by organizing the perfect portrait for us. The soul of this idea, Anna Psy, is talking to us about her dream work and her tem. 

Of course, like every month, we share learn a lot about astrology, tarot and herbs. 

The goddess hostess of this month is Aphrodite. We shall see how her inspiring birth, gave birth to harmony, justice and revolution!

After so much knowledge, we shall cook! Recipes for Beltane this month

And an article about the celebration and the witch's sabbaths, the eve of the festival. How St. Valpurgis is associated with Beltane?

We shall learn about the folklore of the broom and after that we shall grab our broomstick for a flight to Amsterdam, the city of light and shadows. 

Lastly, we shall organize our month based on the lunar phases and we will make amazing...and delicious natural beauty recipes. 

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The Cosmology of the Hand by Dylan-Warrren Davis, issue 4.png
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