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Imaginarium Magazine 6

Aradia- Mothers of Gothic Literature- Gustave Dore- Rennes le Chateau

Welcome to the world of Imaginarium!

In this issue we have a  tribute to the Mothers of Gothic Literature. We will read about their life and work of the mothers of this Victorian- and not only - literary genre.

Our book of the month is Aradia, or the Gospel of Witches. Who was Aradia?

Lia Conrad will welcome us to her epic kingdom and show us her fairies and witches.

We will admire and learn about the genius of Gustave Dore, the illustrator of masterpieces.

We will take our brooms and travel to France and Rennes-le-chateau. What is the treasure hidden in this small town?

We will enter the classroom for our regular  astrology lesson and we will organize our month based on the Moon.

Finally, we will follow the Tarot's Fool on his journey to the Hierophant, where we will learn the secrets of his Wisdom.

Gustave Dore issue 6.png
Aradia, the Gospel of Witches, issue 6.png
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