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Imaginarium Magazine 8

The Divine Feminine- Witch Bottles- Penny Dreadful - Medea


Welcome to the September issue of Imaginarium!

In this issue we welcome some more magical creatures.

Melanie Staudler gave us some wonderful photos of her work, including the cover photo and an interview with her.

Our dear friends, Evangelia Thomou and Panagiotis Kardaris, will take us on a journey through the ages and tell us about the story of the Goddess, the Great Mother, who changes faces but never dies. From the Age of Cancer to the Age of Aquarius, the Goddess lives among us.

The extraordinary mythalogist Evangelia Papanikou takes us to Ancient Greece and talks to us about Medea, the great witch. Was she a misunderstood figure of mythology after all? What motifs does her story serve?

Amy Donnelly, archaeologist and enchanting blogger, explains the witch's bottles as archaeological artefacts. 

We'll also join the classroom, as we do every month for our lessons. The astrology class is about the messenger of Gods and Men, Mercury. What does Mercury indicate in our chart and in each sign? 

We will continue our journey with the Fool of the Tarot and learn the secrets of the Chariot.

We'll look at the magical history of the Cat and the stories of Penny Dreadful, the street literature of the Victorian Era. 

We will learn the secrets of sage and organize our month based on the Moon. Of course, we will visit the Planetarium to see the astrological aspects of the month. 

We will travel to Edinburgh on our brooms and see the ghosts in the magical corners of this fairy-tale city.

Finally we will cook...Ancient Greek Cuisine and recipes that have survived for millennia. And because for the Ancient Greeks food was always associated with something higher, we will also see the art of Artemisia Gentileschi, the artist of feminism. Was she really a feminist or have we dressed her up in the social colours of our time? 

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