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With the guidance of the Moon

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

By Anastasia Diakidi

From Babylonian times, the Moon was the body that exerted the greatest fascination on humans, due to its periodicity and motion. That is why she was worshiped as the Queen of the night, while the Babylonians themselves believed that she surpassed the power of the Sun, which was also considered her ancestor. They also believed that the Earth is its child and its rays have a magical effect on humans, as it attracts the powers of the stars and constellations.

From there and beyond began the observations but also the correlations. The Moon began to connect with our psychic world, the womb and the mother but also the variability of Existence. Some theories also in the classical era, claimed that the Moon is the resting place of the Souls of the dead on their journey to Heaven, while from there also, the Souls were prepared for the descent to Earth and the incarnation.

Over the years, scientific observation and experimentation have begun to shed light on the influence of the Moon, which in fact has a tremendous influence on the Earth and humans. Its magnetism affects the waters with the phenomenon of tide and low tide occurring at different times depending on its phase.

The ancient astronomer Ptolemy wrote characteristically: "... but also the moon as the closest celestial body to Earth, richly gives its outflow on the earth, since most of them are nice to it and change with it; rivers flow and decrease with its light, the tides of the seas rise and fall with its east and west, while plants and animals, in whole or in part, grow and decline with it.

So since the body is basically made up of water, so this is also affected. Pregnant women are more likely to give birth if they are in their days when they have a Full Moon, while the body generally shows bloating and deflation depending on the phase of the Moon. In addition, the menstrual cycle (month = ancient name of the Moon) and female fertility have been associated with the Moon and experiments and studies have been done on fertile days and the phase of the Moon. A common popular belief, the idea that people are "moonlit", is based on the fact that the fuller the moon, the more disturbed the mind and the more sensitive the psyche becomes. The Moon and Madness or Hysteria (a condition that women are supposed to be more prone to) are inextricably linked and formed from the Middle Ages with the Paracelsus experiments until later, the Victorian period, where women - for the scientists at the time - had a "natural" tendency towards insanity. English law of the 19th century defines madness as a situation that worsens during the Full Moon.

All this, then, shaped the astrological symbolism of the Moon, where on a map it shows us: the mother, the physical body and its fluids, the house and the security of the womb, the psychic world, all the incarnations (in whomever believes in ) or our ancestral records. The way we feed those we love and the way we feed our body, the period of our breastfeeding and the bonding with our mother or nurturer during our infancy / childhood, our automations and memory. Yin and our feminine nature.

The three faces of the Moon:

The phases of the Moon represent the primordial trinity goddess in her three forms: the daughter, the mother and the old woman. According to mythology, Persephone corresponded to the New Moon and the phase of filling, with the carefree enthusiasm of youth, the seed of a new beginning and the momentum of life itself. In astrology this phase zero is associated with Aries and the "Aries Point", as it is called in foreign terminology the zero degree of Aries, where we have the Spring Equinox and is the most activated point in the Ecliptic. This point is symbolized by the 0 card of the Tarot, the card of the Madman.

The second phase of the Moon, the Full Moon, we have the Mother who corresponds to Demeter or Artemis and represents fertility, completion or fullness, the culmination of the energy that began during the New Moon. Demeter and Artemis were goddesses who protected and their feminine nature was now associated with the concept of maternal protection. Demeter did not hesitate to go down to Hades to protect her daughter and shed light on any dark energy of the Lord of the Underworld. Artemis - according to the Romans later Diana - as protective as small animals and children, was worshiped by the witches of the Middle Ages, as the great Mother and was considered Trivia, ie Goddess of the Three Roads, as she had power on Earth, Heaven and Underground .

The last phase of the Moon, the dark moon, is associated with Gray Hecate, the queen of dark and occult things, Wisdom, death and Souls. Hekate represents the compassion, the rest and the wisdom of the worn one who respects the cycle of life. Hecate, Goddess of Crossroads, with her Wisdom guides the Souls in the Underworld but also the living when they are lost at the crossroads of their minds. During the dark moons, people prepared dinners in Hecate which they left outside the door of their house or at a crossroads to please the goddess, who showed her favor by protecting the hearth and giving luck to the home.

The mythology of the Moon is endless and each country has its own legends and myths about the Heavenly Queen where in some beliefs it is even presented as a male.

How do we distinguish the phases of the Moon?

In the Northern Hemisphere, when the moon is full, it forms a crescent from the right and rises to the maximum, the Full Moon, while from there on, it loses to reach a left crescent, which disappears completely until the New Moon. In the Southern Hemisphere, the course is exactly the opposite.

Tasks according to the sign of the Moon:

Aries ♈:

Ventilation of the house (loss), demolition (loss), cutting of nails, investment of property, kneading of bread (filling), initiation of medical treatment.


House painting (if it is hot), wedding, testament permanence, house purchase (New Moon), making spoon or jam sweets (loss), anything related to beauty, buying stocks, nail trimming, shopping, hair dye / perm / straightening ( first quarter), starting a business (stuffing), pet training, haircut, buying a car (not with Mercury or Mars retrograde), car repair (favorable view with Uranus and Moon of the first and second quarters), digging and foundation for building a house (Pansse ), tooth fillings (loss).

Gemini ♊:

General cleaning and ventilation of the house (loss), decoration and repairs in the house (filling), purchase of electronics (in good view with Mercury and Uranus), publications, writing, smoking cessation, travel (good view with Mercury), clothes storage (loss) ), party, haircut, mopping (loss), buying a car (for good travel).

Cancer ♋:

Buying antiques, weddings, home washes, making pastries or jam (losing) and baking bread, buying a house (New Moon), investing in real estate, cutting nails, signing contracts and agreements (filling), cutting hair (in filling, if you want) to grow fast again).

Leo ♌:

Ventilation (loss), house painting (if it is cold), marriage, testamentary permanence (in filling), smoking cessation, party, demolition (loss), hair dye / perm, straightening (first quarter moon) clothes (purchase or sewing) , nail cutting, car purchase (not with Mercury or Mars retrograde), car repair (in favorable view with Uranus and Moon first and second quarter), digging and foundation for building a house (Full Moon), tooth fillings (loss).

Virgo ♍:

Starting a business (filling), stopping smoking or bad habits, visiting the dentist, buying medicines, repairing a car (in good view with Uranus and Moon of the first or second quarter), starting a diet for health.

Libra ♎:

Ventilation (loss), general house cleaning, wedding, decoration and repairs (filling), purchase of electronics (with a good view of Mercury / Uranus), mopping (loss), baking bread (filling), storage of clothes (loss), real estate investment , anything related to beauty, clothes (buying or sewing), party.

Scorpio ♏:

Buying antiques, testament permanence (filling), washing, buying a house (New Moon) signatures (filling), buying medicines, buying a car (not with Mercury or Mars retrograde), tooth fillings (loss).

Sagittarius ♐:

Ventilation of a house (loss), demolition (loss), party, car purchase (for good trips).

Capricorn ♑:

Buy antique, start a business (in stuffing), cut hair, buy shares, bake bread (stuffing).

Aquarius ♒:

General cleaning, house ventilation (loss), testamentary permanence (filling), decoration and repairs (filling), mopping (loss), storage of clothes (loss), purchase of electronics (in good view with Mercury and / or Uranus), purchase of car (not with Mercury or Mars retrograde), car repair (in a favorable view with the Uranus and Moon of the first and second quarters), digging and foundation for building a house (Full Moon).

Pisces ♓:

Washing, cutting hair (in filling if you want them to grow back quickly), making desserts or jam (loss), signatures and agreements (filling).

What not to do on a Full Moon:

Staff redundancies, surgeries, marriages, animal sterilization (one week before and one after the Full Moon), tooth extractions.

What not to do on a Full Moon:

Staff redundancies, surgeries, marriages, animal sterilization (one week before and one after the Full Moon), tooth extractions.

What to do in a full moon:

We plant above-ground annuals, sow and graft, search for lost items (day favorable for your zodiac sign or day that rules the lost item eg Friday Aphrodite day looking for clothes, jewelry or money), weddings (especially in the second quarter before Panseli ), mowing the lawn, healing the energy related to sight and eyes, borrowing (if you are a lender), starting a love affair (ideally in a good view with Venus and being careful if the Moon is in Aries or Capricorn), starting a legal process in which you claim money, sweeping parquet, hiring staff, fishing (up to the Full Moon) and collecting shellfish (especially in the first quarter), kneading bread (the dough swells more), plastic surgery (not squared in contrast to Mars and be careful that the Moon is not in a sign that governs the part of the body to be operated on).

What to do in the event of a moon loss:

We plow, cultivate and reap or harvest, plant bulbs or plants that will bear fruit next year (third quarter not last), do clearings, diet for weight loss (ideally in Saturn view), polishing silverware not painting is in water signs), borrowing (if you are the borrower), mowing the lawn (if you want it to grow again quickly), separations (they are less painful especially in the last quarter), laundry (for less wear), cutting calluses, cutting smoking or other bad habits, haircut (if you want them to grow up late with Moon in Aries, Gemini or Virgo), laundry and washing, trial (when we want to avoid paying something), cleaning and polishing shoes, cleaning windows (in air signs or fire), cleaning windows (in water signs), cutting nails in cats (not in fish).

General tips:

On an empty moon (these days are on the calendar), we do not start anything, we do not make decisions and inertia and relaxation are preferred. The empty moon is also called "Moon between kingdoms" and it is believed that then Time is not Time.

In the washes we prefer water signs, but for general cleaning and ventilation of the house we prefer air signs.

In travel we prefer favorable aspects of the Moon with Mercury, as well as for visits. For holidays we prefer favorable aspects with Jupiter and in air travel it is good to start with a favorable Moon-Sun aspect.

Air signs are good for travel, writing, parties or other social activities as well as shopping for electronics and electrical appliances.

Fixed signs are good for anything that needs permanence or has an investment character.

When choosing a pet, the planet that rules the animal is good to be facing the Moon. For cats we want with Sun, for dogs we want with Mercury, for birds we want with Aphrodite, for horses we want with Zeus and for fish we want with Poseidon.

To bring a pet home we choose a day that is favorable with our zodiac sign or when the Moon is in good view with Sun, Venus, Jupiter, Uranus or Neptune.

When buying furniture, it will be good for the Moon to be in good view with Saturn so that they last longer.

Regarding the repair of the car, we avoid the unfavorable aspects of the Moon with Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Poseidon and Pluto.

For relocations, it is good that the Moon is not in sight of Mars and the relocation is made on a day that is favorable for your zodiac sign.


"With the power of the Moon", Alexandra Fiada, 2010

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