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Mars Retrograde and the War

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

In 1978 the great Master of MundaneAstrology, Andre Barbault, wrote a report on a hypothesis he had made about Mars' (retrograde) relationship with the Sun and the possible triggering of war events.

It all started when Barbault read the successful prediction made by Maurice Priva in 1937 about an important event that would take place on March 10, 1938 regarding the future of Europe. Indeed, on March 11, Austria was annexed by Nazi Germany.

Barbault could not understand that Priva gave such a successful prediction with the passing of the days. What he discovered was that in the incident the Sun and Mars were in contact. (He clearly studied Uranus and Neptune together to understand what was happening in Europe with Nazi Germany). Thus he began to observe historically and astronomically the relationship of Mars with the Sun.

The first example he looked at was the war between Italy and Ethiopia in 1935 and he found that the war started as soon as the Sun passed where Mars had stopped a few months before.

Was this the formation of the war?

In order to prove the theorem he had to study the perigee of Mars and its 15-year perihelion opposite circle. For the 20th century he found that during these oppositions the distance between Mars and Earth was less than 0.4 of the astronomical unit (Earth and Sun are 1 unit apart) in the following periods:

September 18, 1909

August 22, 1924

July 27, 1939

September 7, 1956

August 12, 1971

September 22, 1988

So since on the periphery of the Sun in opposition to Mars it is rush hour for war in contrast to what happens when Mars is stationary (from a heliocentric position). You can logically believe that there is an accumulation of stellar energy at the stopping point so it temporarily becomes a reservoir of Mars energy. A passage at this point such as the Sun is capable of triggering the possibility of this aggressive action.

After that he studied many war events and found that at the point where Mars stops if the Sun passes over us we have the trigger of a war event.

Some examples:

In January 1976, Mars became stationary on the 14th of Gemini when the Sun passed through that point and the Syrians and Palestinians started a war in Lebanon.

In January 1901 Mars stopped before returning to the 12th of Virgo. On September 6, 1901, the President of the United States William McKinley was shot just as the Sun was at exactly 13 ° Virgo.

In October 1943, Mars stopped before returning to the 22nd Gemini. In June 1944, when the Sun went to the 22nd Gemini, the Nazis v1 and v2 fired at England.

In December 1962, Mars stopped at the 24th Leo. On August 18, 1963, a street revolution broke out in the French Congo that led to the resignation of President Youlou.

However, the phenomenon also works when Mars and the Sun are in opposition.

In August 1830 Mars was stationary on the 2nd Aries. The Belgian revolution of 1830 took place when the Sun was moving from the 1-3rd of Libra.

In November of '60, Mars stopped at the 18th degree of cancer. A little later, Mars returned to this point and then the unsuccessful American attack on Cuba took place on April 17, '61.

He also studied the phenomenon of 'time delay' which operates throughout the synodal cycle.

For example, in February 1856, Mars was stationary on the 21st of Libra when the Sun passed through this point on October 13, 1957, when the financial crisis erupted.

In October 1864 it was stationary at 18th Gemini, on June 14, 1866 when the Sun was at 23rd Gemini the Prussian-Austrian war began.

So these were the results of Andre Barbault. He, of course, did not think that his study was over for this and asked the astrologers to start studying this phenomenon so that we could come up with a solid theory.

So this year Mars stopped on September 9 at the 28th of Aries. On April 17-19, 2021, the Sun will pass through the stopping point of Mars, is there a case to see war events being triggered? Is there also a case that we have some events a little earlier, ie on April 4-5, '21 when the Sun will pass through the 15th of Aries, the degree that Mars stationed to turn direct?

All we have to do is find out ...

Andre Barbault's research was first published in The Astrologer No. 43 in 1978.

Anastasia Diakidi

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