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Mars retrograde and his portraits

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

On the occasion of today's retrograde of Mars, I recently started reading and attending seminars / shows about its importance, since I had a hard time capturing the behavior of such an energetic planet when it retreats. And especially in people who are born with such a condition, as the action becomes more internal and therefore not so distinct.

He is generally unbalanced, inconsistent and often feels that the rules are not for him. He has passive aggression, his own rhythms and certainly the others are not easy to live with. Confirm! But I also read opinions such as: they are people who may quarrel with their partner all day but do not think of bullying a weak person or being rude to a waiter. I also confirm! So I learned that, despite all their quirks, it is the people who will achieve the impossible, against adverse conditions.

So I started looking for personalities with Mars retrograde to confirm this, but mainly to understand how energy is channeled. I had a hard time finding examples, since with retrograde Mars is only 9% of the population. And then I put in the search: "the people who achieved the impossible" ... and indeed many had Mars retrograde! Here are some examples, due to the day:

Frida Kahlo: Frida had a bus accident at the age of 18 and lived most of her life in physical and mental pain. After 32 surgeries and countless personal losses, she channeled her pain into her art and became the greatest painter in Latin America and a symbol of Mexican society that struggled with racist and sexist beliefs during the post-colonial period. Among its many quotes, the one stands out: "In the end, we endure more than we think".

Dolly Parton: Born into a poor family. Her parents had 12 children and she was always special. She started working at a young age, since the family was always in financial difficulties, and finally managed to become famous. Characteristically today it is considered multi-talented although unconventional.

Al Capone: The biggest gangster and businessman during the prohibition period. Certainly the rules were not for him. He ended up in prison at the age of 33, marking the fall of the most notorious criminal.

Sigmunt Freud: Father of psychoanalysis. He emphasized the unconscious while his theory stands out that everything is motivated by sexuality and the need for survival (Mars).

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Miracle child, wrote his first piece of music at the age of five. He died at the age of 35 having already gained a huge reputation, and his deals make him one of the greatest classical composers.

Ludwig van Beethoven: He went down in history as the greatest composer of all time. He is considered a leader as his music "speaks" for all emotions. The depth and passion are expressed so perfectly without the need for a single word in his music. He gradually lost his hearing during his lifetime and later used a stick in his teeth to comprehend the vibrations of the music he played.

Jean Dominique Bauby: The man who really achieved the impossible. A French journalist suffered a stroke that left him with an immobility syndrome. He could only move his left eye and yet with the help of his typist he managed to write a book! She was saying the alphabet and he closed his eyes when he reached the correct letter. He had to do this two hundred thousand times and as soon as he finished his work, he died soon after.

Undoubtedly, Mars retrograde speaks of a karmic contract (as is the case with all retrograde), that people who have it have to toil and fight with themselves. This Mars is at war every day, not so much with the external enemies but with the internal ones or some physical disability as we saw above. And usually if Pluto or the 5th house helps (accidental outburst of Poseidon), people are deeply talented and use their divine gifts in the struggle for survival. The karmic contract becomes a means for man to become a Hercules, whose deeds will go down in history ... and not necessarily in the most flattering way.

After this little research I understood the words that Victoria Smoot said to me after the end of a seminar: “Love your retrograde Mars because he is really special. Ask him for help and he will surely guide you. ” I confirm ... oh yes!


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Anastasia Diakidis

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