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Preventions and forecasts depending on the phases of the moon

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

Good luck

Because people once believed that the moon was made of silver, when they saw the full moon, they rang the money in their pouch and said the wish: "As much silver as the moon, so much money in the bag."

When they first saw the new moon - especially the first New Moon of the new year - they bowed respectfully three times.

When they first saw the new moon, they grabbed something gold - usually their wedding ring - and said three times, "As the moon fills, so does the drawer."

If anyone sees a new moon on Monday, he will be in good luck.

The New Moon is a good time to start a business or a trip, to plant your garden, but also to fall in love.

An old English tradition says that the woman who predicts the New Moon must run quickly to her bedroom and turn the covers of the bed (as if she is going to fall asleep) to ensure happiness in her marriage.

If someone first sees the new moon over his right shoulder it is a sign that he will have a good time. If he sees it straight in front of him he will have good luck.

If you happen to be holding something with both hands when you first see the new moon, then you will never miss anything.

A wish made when one looks at the new moon will come true in time.

The young village girls looked at the new moon over their right shoulder and said:

My little moon, golden and true, if my love will come to me in my sleep, let me see it. If I am to get a man, let the dogs be untied and if it is not to get married, let hammers be heard.

It is said that if a girl looks at the full moon through a silk handkerchief, how many moons she thinks she sees will show her how many years she will have to wait until she gets married.

If one sees the crescent above his left shoulder he will be lucky.

Amulets and jewelry in the shape of a crescent moon protect against the evil eye and magic, but also promote the well-being of those who wear them. But beware: the crescent's noses must always be to the left, because this is how they depict the moon in the filling, which makes things prosperous and grow.

In ancient Rome, women wore silver crescents on their sandals to ensure that the children they gave birth to were healthy.

The wedding that takes place on the Full Moon ensures good luck and wealth to the couple.

Children born on the Full Moon will be full of health and strength.

If someone sees the moon in his sleep and it is full, his love will become bigger and bigger; if the moon is in loss before the last quarter, there are hopes that he will reconcile with his loved one; If a man sees his face on the moon, he will have a son. If a woman sees her face on the moon, she will have a daughter.

Bad luck

If someone sleeps in the light thrown by the Full Moon, he will go crazy or go blind.

If one sees the New Moon through a glass or between the branches of a tree, one will have bad luck.

It is rude to point to the moon with your finger.

If a woman looks at the Full Moon for a long time, she will become pregnant and give birth to a monster.

If the Full Moon falls on Sunday, it brings rudeness.

If the full moon falls at Christmas, it will bring misery and a bad harvest next year.

The thief who goes to steal on the third day after the Full Moon, will fail.

When the New Moon has the old one in its arms (when the New Moon has a circle), a shipwreck will happen.

Do not walk at night with a full moon in the wilderness because then the werewolves come out and the witches fly with their brooms in the sky.


When the crescent's noses are up, the weather will be good, if it is down, it will rain.

If the moon is "upright" it will have summers if it is "lying down" the weather will be bad. The sailors say: "the moon is upright, the master is lying, the moon is lying, the master is standing".

When a large star or planet is close to the moon, the storm comes.

The small moon and fog warn that strong lavender will blow.

When the moon is low, the tide rises higher than usual.

When the moon is too bright, the tide is high.

If the New Moon falls on Monday, we will have summers.

If the New Moon falls on a Saturday, we will have a twenty-day period with strong winds and rains.

If the New Moon falls on Sunday we will have floods, before the month comes.

The strongest thunderstorms are likely to occur one to three days after the New Moon and three to five days after the Full Moon.

The many "rings" around the moon foreshadow a series of strong storms.

A fast-moving circle around the moon is a summer forecast.

If the circle remains around the moon, then it will rain or snow.

If two Full Moons fall in the same month -especially in May- we will have very bad weather next month with floods and other disasters.

By Alexandra Fiada

With the power of the Moon, 2010

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