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The Jupiter -Saturn Conjunction and the New Era

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

By Anastasia Diakidi The planets make circles. Each time they meet their contact is called a synodal cycle. The synodal cycles, specifically of the large planets, from Jupiter onwards, are very important as they help us to define the historicity of the times. Each cycle has its own characteristics and introduces its own changes in History. For example, there were circles that marked Fascism, others Communism, others overthrew Empires and others created. Everything is subject to the cyclicality of Time.

This year, 2020, is an important year because we have three cycles to start. Initially, we had the Saturn-Pluto synod cycle last January that brought us the virus, the constraints, the fear, the mass exodus of souls, and the cataclysmic events we experienced worldwide. Then we had the Jupiter-Pluto session, which completed the economy but promises a renaissance. And the last session of 2020 is the Jupiter-Saturn session that will take place on December 21 in the zero degree of Aquarius. Although it is a meeting that happens every 20 years, this year is especially important because it consolidates the New Era.

So even though it happens every 20 years and historically it is not a big circle it just separates the generations, however it is especially important because it marks bigger cycles of about 240 years. The Arab astrologers who first observed the phenomenon realized that each cycle takes place continuously in the same trinity (= elements: fire, earth, air, water) with a distance of 225-258 ° (roughly 240 °) one session from the other, ie triangles, as they are called in astrology, are formed and these are repeated until the element changes. In 1802 we had the first impact, the first meeting that took place in the sign of the earth. In 1821 the last session on fire took place (which was the element that had previously dominated for 240 years) and since 1842 we now have the passage for good in the element of earth. Astronomically this pattern is repeated with every triplet. In 1981 we again had the first session in the zodiac sign, and technology was introduced, while in 2000 we had the last session on earth. Now, in 2020, we are entering the air season for good. The season will last until 2199 and then again it will change element.

The Synod of Saturn is called the Great Synod and it is believed that the greatest Masters of the Ages were born then. It is probable that Christ was born with a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Pisces. In general, both planets are considered Time Emperors and according to ancient texts, their summit foretold the rise of great Empires or Leaders. These are the times when we see great changes in social norms.

The last time we had Sagittarius sessions in the Air element (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) was in the 13th -15th century, the period when humanity began to leave the Middle Ages and enter the Renaissance timidly. Then the first Universities were founded, the ancient texts began to be translated and the sciences to be studied. It was the period when Dante wrote Divine Comedy and Chaucer wrote Canterbury Tales. Religious scholars, such as Thomas Aquinas, began to study astrology and astronomy, making the first attempt to reconcile the Church with Astrology. It was the period when the Magna Carta was signed and we have a first indication of the human being who has rights. The first attempts were made to shake off the feudal model that had prevailed while Jupiter-Saturn was moving in the trinity of the earth.

After the element of Air, humanity enters the trinity of Water (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) and the Renaissance. The Arts flourished. Humanism, Romanticism and Neoplatonic Ideas found fertile ground. Artists such as Botticelli, Leonardo and Raphael did great work. The Doctors made political speeches talking about alms, love and high ideals. Good came first. The greatest scientists studied Uranus and the seafarers began their discoveries.

With the transition to the element of Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) we have the rise of the Tudor Dynasty and the long reign of Elizabeth I. The element of Fire always has a fanaticism (because of Sagittarius) and so it was years that we had religious fanaticism which led to Lutheranism and religious reform. The monarchs ruled authoritarianly. But it was also a period of great technological and scientific prosperity, great zeal for discoveries and is often described as the Scientific Revolution.

With the transition to the trinity of the Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) we have the entrance to the Modern Age. It started with the Industrial Revolution and was followed by Capitalism. We have established and dominated banking systems, increased production as goods are now for everyone. Everyone has access to the pleasures and amenities. There is no longer an aristocracy but a middle class that works and consumes.

In 1981, as mentioned above, we have the first impact on the Air element. Then began the digitization of personal data, the widespread use of computers, changes in banks, customer service with machines and the development of robotics to a point where it began to replace humans. Also now the production is done by machines and we see professions disappearing and people have to discover new ways of working. We are already seeing the flourishing of e-commerce and teleworking. We no longer see our money, transactions are made by card as it serves the digitization and tracking of individuals and data. We first heard the idea of ​​cloning and genetically modified foods. Globalization has begun to push the boundaries and consequently customs, cultures and family structures. We also already have changes in education. Soon e-learning can completely replace physical presence in the classroom. Medicine has started to work wonders and people are living longer.

The season has not yet shown the tremendous progress that will be marked by the consolidation of the Air element, with the new Saturn-Saturn session in Aquarius in December. In a few years, Pluto will also enter Aquarius, so now we are talking about a purely Aquarius era. In 1980 the synod was held in Libra ruled by Aphrodite. However, it is traditionally not in a good position as it is on the rise of Saturn, in its night house in Libra and the Air is a daily item, it does not have special titles, so clearly we have not yet seen the dynamics of the New Age. In the coming years the planets that will dominate will be Saturn (traditionally), Uranus (modern ruler of Aquarius) but also Mercury (ruler of Gemini).

Some of the issues we have to face are: the explosive rise of technology, the annihilation of distances, robotics and man (as well as issues of genetics and ethics), global warming (Air = hot element), information and education, knowledge as the supreme asset, population movements and globalization. These are just a few, as our imagination may not yet be able to grasp the coming changes and what point humanity has reached by 2199.

How we experience these great changes from now on clearly depends on everyone's age. The older generations can not keep up with the dizzying speed of the New Age and may not even bother to adapt to the New. The middle-aged man adjusts but may miss it. The younger generations are ready again. They want to be trapped by the sufferings of Capitalism and the limitations of all kinds: religion, society, economy, race, gender, place and time ... Perhaps for the first time the Chronocrats created the largest generation gap that occurred in history ... but time always goes forward ... and we humans adapt individually and collectively. After all, everything flows.

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