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Frida Kahlo : The bomb with the ribbon _An astrological Biography

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Frida Kahlo was born in Mexico on July 6, 1907. She became known for her self-portraits as her tragic life became her source of inspiration. As she had stated, she was painting out of her need to understand herself, because only her strange Ego was the subject that always tormented her. Her art was recognized by all the sacred monsters of art and her portraits became symbols of feminism, identity and racial discrimination during the post-colonial period in Mexico (Neptune-Sun-Jupiter with North Node).

Frida was Cancer with Leo Ascendant (hence the self-portraits) and the Sun in the 11th house of her chart. A woman who caused admiration but also awe with her style, which had floral elements from the traditional Mexican costumes, but also the eccentricity. She often dressed as a man while at other times she became very feminine with flowers and ribbons in her headdress and a feast of colours on her skirts, a style that is inextricably linked to her face and is still used today in pop culture.

Her life, however, did not have the carefreeness and flowering of her costume and canvas. In fact, Frida lived very difficult life, with unbearable physical and mental pain, which became the driving force, not only to create but also to live with passion and intensity. Frida, like many artists, had the aspects of Sun with Neptune, and Mars with Neptune, connections that show physical weakness and artistic ability. Her Sun also was opposing the eccentric planet Uranus (retrograde) in the 5th house of creation, making her idiosyncratic, revolutionary in nature, but extremely authentic and innovative. Jupiter with the elements of generosity, love for life and extravaganza (in exaltation in Cancer), was not absent from the Sun of Frida, making the package of her appearance and energy unique.

Frida grew up in Mexico and spent more or less all her life there, although she travelled a lot mainly to promote her works (K9 in the 5th house). She was the sixth of seven sisters (K3 Venus). Frida's parents were very different from each other. Her father, who she was very fond of him (Sun-North), was a photographer (Sun-Uranus-Neptune) of Hungarian-German origin (Sun-Jupiter, father from abroad) and an atheist (Sun-Uranus), extremely intelligent ( K4 Pluto in Gemini), and unconventional for that time. He played a big role in sculpting Frida's beliefs. Her mother, on the other hand, was very beautiful (Moon exalting in Taurus) but very conservative due to Catholicism (Moon and Venus K10 in aspect with Saturn) and did not get along well with Frida, who considered that she was oppressing her (K10 lord conjuncts Pluto and squares Saturn / Moon square with Ascendant).

Her physical suffering began at the age of 6 when Frida contracted polio which left one of her legs shorter than the other and physical weakness in the first years of her life. This disability was one reason she had been bullied during her school years (Saturn square Venus as ruler of the 3rd house in conjunction with Pluto) and the nickname "Frida the gimp" then replaced her name. That year, her progressive Ascendant changed from Leo to Virgo (a sign of health) and the natal opposition of Mars to Neptune is separating but still within the orb of one degree. Also, almost a year ago, Saturn started its retrograde course. Despite the difficulties, Frida became stronger with sports while she became a very good student and was one of the few girls who went to school then in her city. However, her dreams to enter Medicine were shattered overnight (K9 Mars in conjunction with Uranus) when the accident that changed her life happened.

On September 17, 1925, Frida's bus collided with a tram and all passengers were injured. Frida had the most horrific injury as the bar of the bus passed from her belly to her uterus, destroying her spine and her reproductive organs. The natal opposition of the Sun / Neptune with Mars / Uranus (aspects of accidents and physical weakness) are activated by the transiting Pluto and Jupiter (direct, active since that February). That day we also have a New Moon in Virgo in conjunction with Mars (2nd house) and exact opposition with Uranus (8th house of death), a pair of planets that Frida has as her natal promise. Neptune hit her Ascendant for the first time, marking a long period of incredible pain and vulnerability. Also, the transiting Uranus, which had "locked" her Ascendant since April, strikes with an in conjunction, a karmic aspect that is often associated with accidental health issues. It is important to note that in the year of the accident, on February 8, 1925, we had a lunar eclipse with the participation of Saturn and Neptune "hitting" the horoscope of Frida (within 4 degrees) and Chiron (opposition within 2 degrees) and foreshadowed the physical danger, accident and injuries.

With secondary progress, the Moon is in Capricorn, its place of exile, and is heading towards the progressive Full Moon with the Sun (it will be completed in almost 5 months from the accident and marks a climax). Also, as soon as it steps into the 6th house, it finds there the South Node of the Moon (a drop of vitality) and indicates that for the next few years she will deal with health and everyday issues. The Moon in Capricorn activates the natal Saturn (as a Dispositor) and its position in the 8th house and Pisces, again shows issues of crisis, isolation, lying down and hospitalization, and if we dare to say karmic events. Her progressive Midheaven is inconjunct with Uranus.

In her Solar return also for that year, we have Sagittarius Solar Ascendant in the 4th house which shows that her year will have a lot of introspection but also the activity will be related to the house and family.

The Sun makes exact conjunction with Pluto, which means difficulties, crises and the touch of death, in a way.

The Solar Moon again in Capricorn (bad position for the psyche, Capricorn is associated with difficulties but also the bones) in conjunction with the natal Uranus, which on the day of the accident has progressed and it is meeting with the natal Mars and opposes Sun (Full Moon = completion, peak and intensity) and Pluto of the Solar Return.

The Solar Uranus 'hits' the natal conjunction of Venus (K3) and Pluto, showing danger from movements but also sudden changes with existential crises.

The Solar Mercury is in a square with Solar Chiron, also a sign of a car accident.

The Solar Uranus in the IC of the solar return, aspect of shocking events in the main axes of the individual's life, overthrow, disturbance in the family environment but also crises of self-confidence.

The Perfected Lord of the Year is Saturn in Scorpio (in the Solar falls with a system of equal houses in the 12th and, compared to the natal, in the 3rd house) forms the extremely destructive aspect with the Solar Mars in the 8th house of Solar. The aspect of bad luck, breaks, destruction of vitality, death and endurance through weakness and destruction.

Putting the two charts together we see that it has a plethora of planets in the 12th natal house and the 8th house of the Solar Return. Crisis and withdrawal houses. On the day of the accident, the progressed solar return shows Uranus just above its progressed solar ascendant. (charts below).

The lunar return bi-wheel with transits places the New Moon of September 17th at the apex of the 12th and Uranus just opposite the apex of the 6th house of the Lunar Return giving another indication that that month Frida would make the beginning of the new of life through accidental, shocking events that would strike her health and of course would isolate her. We also have a Yod with Uranus leading how Ascendant and Neptune participate, which also foretells health issues.

From that day on, a series of surgeries began, more than 30 in total, for the rest of her life. The presence of Jupiter certainly increased the damage of the already struck Sun, but it is also likely to be responsible that she survived. Also, the midpoints of Sun -Neptune and Mars - Neptune that was activated by the transiting Jupiter, had a significant influence. Neptune from the Asc. also activated the midpoint between Saturn and Saturn and her life became very lonely and at home the situation was difficult. So she started painting. She needed hard work to be able to get out of her pain. As in any Neptunian period, Art is an escape. It is worth noting that in those years, the Venus-Pluto conjunction was progressively becoming exact, an aspect that is related to our deep talents but also deep love...

Solar return 1925 superimposed on the natal chart

Lunar Return September 1925 bi-wheel with the transits the day of the accident

1926: Self-portrait with Velvet dress. Her first official work a few months after the accident

“There have been two great accidents in my life. One was the trolley, and the other was Diego. Diego was by far the worst.”

In the years that followed, Frida began to paint intensively. She always admired the Mexican painter Diego Rivera and at one point approached him to ask him his opinion on her works. Diego recognized her talent and encouraged her to continue painting. Soon the most stormy love affair of her life began with her much older painter and finally, on August 21, 1929, Frida at the age of 20 married Diego.

The two eclipses of the previous year activated the female planets of the horoscope of Frida, Venus and the Moon, heralding the important upcoming changes in her love and emotional life. In May 1929, just before the wedding, we had another eclipse that activated Frida's Chiron with a square. As in the accident, again Chiron was "struck" by an eclipse and maybe that's why Frida considered Diego her second accident! But maybsheer was her treatment and her wound, the reason she became passionate about life. Like a Cancer, she said she loved being Diego's wife and taking care of him. She always knew he was elusive and never really committed. Diego continued to have mistresses and she clearly did the same, since during their marriage Frida had an affair with men and women. But it was a great love that was based on a deep friendship but also on admiration. Diego activated Frida artistically and politically, thus sculpting her artistic profile.

Her birth chart shows from the Sun-Uranus opposition that her husband would be unconventional and elusive (like her father). Also, the cusp of her 7th house was in Aquarius and so the planets Saturn and Uranus give us information about her husband. Saturn in Pisces and the 8th house, shows the age difference, the artistic quality but also the fate of their relationship and the pursuit of sexual pleasures. Uranus in Capricorn in the 5th hour also gives the same information. The Ruler of the 7th house in the 5th confirms that this marriage was out of love! Diego had the 7th cusp in Capricorn and Saturn was in the sign of his detriment in Cancer. Frida was Cancer and also had Cancer core (see Note 2) but the presence of this Saturn probably shows Frida's suffering with her body.

The main points of their synastry show exactly the quality of their relationship. Their moons are compatible, in the same sign in Taurus, which means that they lived well together, and the satisfaction of the senses was their main concern. Frida's Moon also forms a conjunction with Pluto, a karmic, erotic, fatal, painful and obsessive relationship. The glue of the relationship and the formality was not lacking, since Saturn made aspect with Jupiter and the North Node of Frida. Neptune made in conjunction with her Moon; this shows their frustrations, admiration and their common artistic activityAn aspectct of love but also imagination. Frida had idealized him. The communication was also good, as they both had Mercury in a fiery sign and form a very close trine aspect. Jupiter in a sextile with the Moon a helpful aspect for the finances but also the harmony of coexistence. Mars in conjunction with Mars, sex and quarrels. Ascendant - Jupiter and Ascendant - Sun, admiration and lucky union in matters of projection, abundance and self-expression.

But the most important thing was that Diego stimulated Frida's oppositions, creating a T-square (Grant Cross if we include his MC). The relationship was on the edge, and of course in addition to its unconventionality, it also had an activation in socio-political issues. Together, they became involved in the communist movement and made friends with other revolutionary minds of the time, such as Trotsky, with whom Frida also had an affair for some time. His Moon falls in her 9th house, so we have another indication that her beliefs and philosophy of life were influenced by Diego. Inverting the charts, it is very interesting that Frida's oppositions fall on the Asc and DSc of Diego and in combination with his own Uranus-MC opposition, we have a cross that finally 'shakes' his entire chary. And this is not easy to manage. As it was known, Diego could not live without Frida.She with Mars retrograde and out of bounds in conjunction with Uranus, was difficult, unpredictable, explosive.

Chiron with Venus and Chiron in the midpoint of the Sun / Moon speaks of trauma, but also true love. At the Composite, the couple had a Moon-Saturn conjunction with Uranus, which testifies to their bonding with each other, the glue that held them together, but also the electrical, unpredictable quality of the relationship. Finally, their constellation had a karmic signature as the prenatal solar eclipse of Frida opposes (one degree orb) with his Saturn, who as mentioned above was also the Ruler of his 7th house, while the solar postnatal eclipse conjuncts his ASC and forms an opposition with his Mars on the cusp of the 7th house.

The marriage of an elephant with a dove”

Frida's parents were not very happy with the union and the comments on the wedding day were not flattering for the couple, but Frida was happy. At that time, she was also experiencing the first square of transiting Uranus with her natal one, so maybe her marriage was also her personal revolution, her way of shaking off the pain and difficulties of the previous four years. In her progressive horoscope, Venus was approaching the North Node (1 degree and 24 seconds), while it was still in orbit separating her natal Jupiter. In the last year before her marriage, she had important aspects that show that she was in love and that she was preparing for a change of marital status:

Neptune square Moon in transit,

Progressive Moon tries Venus

North node in conjunction with the Moon,

Moon trine Neptune in the progressive,

Moon trine Sun ,

some sextiles of minor importance with the progressive Moon and Uranus and Mars, progressive Moon on the cusp of the progressive 7th

and just before the wedding we had a Moon trine Jupiter in the progressed as well,

while the euphoric Jupiter had made many aspects with several of his natal planets as well as was heading in conjunction with her progressed Mc (earlier that year it had touched her asc).

In the Solar Arc at the beginning of 1929 there was a precise meeting of Pluto with the Sun and again opposition of Pluto with Mars. Both aspects' speak 'of awakening of sexuality, deep, universal transformations, while it is not excluded, -the years that were in orbit - surgeries or demanding professional initiatives with perseverance and deep creativity.

However, the marriage took place at a time when it had its second hit in opposition to Saturn retrograde to Venus (after all, Saturn rules her 7th but generally gives serious relationships that endure over time) and advanced Moon squared with Pluto. So it is not difficult to grasp the effect that her marriage had on her psyche and how catalytic the relationship was for her. As mentioned above, the eclipses gave the impression that her emotional life would change but also Saturn coming and going on the locked edge of her 5th house showed that her sexuality would change, her art and motherhood issues would come in more mature phase. Unfortunately, the presence of Saturn in the 5th, brought Frida unsuccessful attempts to have a child and three painful pregnancies due to the destruction of her uterus by the accident. In addition, on the day of the wedding we have a precision conjunction of Venus with Pluto, which was done with only two degrees orbit by the progressive Venus (venus- Pluto has Frida in her natal but also in her synastry with Diego they have this pair of planets in opposition).

The Solar Return of 1929 has the Sagittarius Ascendant (mutable = year of change) and Jupiter is on the cusp of the 7th house of Solar.

The K7 of the Solar is Mercury and he in the 7th together with the Moon (which makes a sextiles with Mars).

Venus is meeting with the natal Moon. The Solar Moon is in the zero of Cancer, a rulership position that shows that sh e felt emotionally secure and was active with her family or home.

And as it was seen from the transits, so in the Solar we have Neptune with the Moon in a square but also Uranus to make T-square with the natal opposition Uranus - Sun.

Mercury K7 of the Solar makes a slightly distant conjunction with venus (2 degrees). It is important to mention that in the comparison of the two charts, we have a kite formation with the Sun leading (Solar Dsc, Solar Chiron participating trine with the natal Mars and sextile the Sun. Sun-Mars in exact opposition in the natal as mentioned above).

So the natal contrast of Sun - Mars is activated with both the kite and T- square which means that issues related to male figures, sexuality, creativity and competition were particularly emphasized that year. The Lord of the Year is mercury who falls in the Solar Return and also rules the 7th house of marriage.

In the advanced intercourse of the couple we see that during the wedding period the following aspects occur accurately (shortly before or shortly after the wedding):

-Progressive Moon of one in the form of a trine with the asc, opposition with Pluto and sextile with the Mars of the partner. Conversely we have the other progressive Moon making a trine with a North node, a square with Pluto and the progressive Venus meeting with Saturn. Finally between the two secondary advances, the couple marries Jupiter Square Sun, one of the classic aspects of marriage.

“Pain, pleasure and death are no more than a process for existence. The revolutionary struggle in this process is a doorway open to intelligence.”

The wedding took place and Frida started wanting children. However with Uranus and Mars in the 5th house her birthday promise had miscarriages and battles for motherhood. As reported by the passing Saturn from her marriage and then, for some years, she was in the 5th house, making the situation even more difficult. Frida had three "miscarriages" and the second in 1932 led her to deep depression as it was also very painful, in addition to catastrophic for her already exhausted reproductive system. Sources say that the second pregnancy was painful because she herself tried a therapeutic abortion, on the one hand because Diego did not want children and on the other hand it was a gesture of despair as she knew that her body would not be able to withstand the pregnancy. The procedure did not go well and Frida spent two weeks in the hospital after heavy bleeding. In the 1932 Solar Return to Detroit, where Frida lived for about two years with her husband, we see a Virgo ascendant in the 2nd birth house, so health issues and acquisitions come first. Saturn in the 5th house of Solar and 6th house of birth, Moon and Mercury in Leo (= children) in the 12th house in synod (divergent contrast with Saturn).

As a true Cancer, however, he could not live without care and nourishment. He began caring for animals, other people's children and plants. In many photos and paintings, Frida is seen with her little monkeys, which were also her favorites. However, at that time he began to have an obsession with death. Her aesthetics with Pluto - Venus have always had gothic elements but after her miscarriages, her works became more shocking with obsessive references to reproduction and death. At the same time, her house was filled with Mexican decorations from the Day of the Dead and other objects that 'praised' the great Mystery. At the same time, Frida was struggling with depression, which worsened after her third miscarriage and Diego's extramarital affair with her sister. Those years were very creative for Frida but also very sad. Pluto in 1933 -34 entered her 12th house, marking the period of depression but also her obsession with death, and her psychotherapeutic approach with her art that reached levels of brutality and poetry.

Frida belonged to the small percentage of people whose Progressive Moon was slow and coincided with the movement of the passing Saturn, with the result that from her marriage until the end of her life Saturn was square with her progressive Moon. A relatively rare condition that typically occurs in people who are severely tortured in their lives and is called 'Saturn chasing the moon' as Saturn seems to be literally chasing the Moon. Even when he is looking back, the Moon has not had time to move forward and so as soon as he turns orthogonal, he looks again with precision. It is a constant misery and in some cases depression leads to all kinds of escapes.

The couple divorced after many problems at the end of 1939 and a year later remarried. No wonder Uranus was hovering very close to Frida's Twilight in 1939 and 1940 with the second marriage in precision. The progressive Twilight touched Pluto and a little later Pluto closed a square with the progressive Horoscope. At the time of the divorce, which was requested by Diego, in the advanced (Solar Arc) synastry we have Frida Chiron squared with Diego Aphrodite, and Aphrodite in a cross with his Poseidon, an indication of how painful the divorce was for Frida but also how betrayed she felt by him and his elusive nature. There is confusion in the sources as to whether the divorce was the result of Diego's extramarital affair with her sister or other factors. In any case, Frida knew that Diego was polygamous, and she was, after all, having relationships with many of the intellectuals of the time. But inside she always felt pain for this tendency. Frida was playing the role of her weakness very well ... although in recent years they were already living remotely and often apart, Frida knew that Diego was very caring and sensitive to her pain. But when she tried to play the card of weakness once again, Diego gave her the divorce cards. Uranus as mentioned above was approaching the Twilight while in the Progressive Solar Return, on December 1, 1939, Saturn is placed exactly in DC.

The two Fridas, 1939

Her artwork after her divorce with Diego

“I tried to drown my sorrows but the bastards learned how to swim.”

This period was painful. Frida drank a lot, since Poseidon was touching her progressive Horoscope in those years and, as can be seen from the birth Moon in Taurus, she often went in Aries motifs: she did not take care of her diet, she ate carelessly, she ate only sweets , drank a bottle a day while smoking frantically. At that time she had also painted her portrait with men's clothes and cut hair, motifs that her Moon from Taurus 'borrows' from Aries (the fetish tendencies with very masculine or very feminine elements that refer more to Aries Moon).

However, her career, as expected with Pluto in the progressive Twilight and the progressive Moon entering Leo, had reached great levels of recognition, she had already made her first solo exhibitions, she had been recognized by all artists and of course her fame exceeded of Diego, who until recently was the best Mexican painter. But Frida became a symbol. Her Art, imbued with the Communist ideals in combination with her beauty, with the standards of the time and her culture, made her a unique figure in the artistic circles. At parties there was always the soul of the company with jokes (Mercury in Leo, Jupiter Sun in Cancer) but also a shocking sense of humor (Jupiter in contrast to Mars), which made her generally approachable and lovable. Perhaps the difference with Diego was that Frida did not have a military skill like him. Frida became a social symbol because she lived her Art. They said she was a surrealist but as she said she was not, because she just did not have inspiration from her dreams but from the difficulties of real life. And in this life, Frida, could not live without Diego and as it turned out, he could not live without her. In December 1940, the couple remarried. As in the previous marriage, so now Pluto had a meeting with Aphrodite, this time her advanced not the transcendent but it seems that this pair of planets in this couple gave facts, since Frida had her birthday but also in intercourse with Diego. Frida has a progressive Moon in conjunction with a progressive Sun, the appearance of beginnings and 'marriage'. It has the same look in the Solar of 1940, which