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Insights on a New Astrology Course

I took the new course Principles of Basic Astrology'

by Vasilios Takos and I would like to share my experience.

I’ve been doing some research on various astrology courses, available in English. Astrology is an area that I have always been very interested in and I would like to, maybe at some point in the future, do it professionally. My main criterion in this research, firstly, was the fact that although I have always been very interested in astrology, I had no prior astrological experience, not even the basic astrological knowledge, since I did not have the chance to properly explore it, mainly due to lack of free time, and I finally decided that now would be the right time for me to take some proper lessons in astrology.

Being a beginner in this field, I knew that I was looking for someone to guide me properly and I also knew that various videos that I had watched on YouTube, as well as many related articles, blogs etc. could not offer me the guidance and knowledge I wanted, in a more organised and credible way, I would say. They gave me, of course, some very general knowledge, but eventually, it was all quite confusing and fragmented. I knew that I was looking for something more serious and organised and essentially, more trustworthy. I thought that if I was going to actually do it, it should be done the ‘right’ way.

So, as I was doing my research, I found Vasilios Takos , I read all the information about the 'Principles of Basic Astrology' online course, in English, that Vasilios Takos offers, through his website, and I was intrigued. I searched a little further and I was quite

impressed by Vasilios’ bio! His name sounded somewhat familiar… then I remembered I had

seen it being mentioned in your blog, Anastasia! It seems you had also taken one of his

courses. So, I was beginning to think that I might have finally found the right person to guide me through my first astrological journey.

After checking out Vasilios’ YouTube videos, I knew I definitely liked his style and the fact that he inspired me as a trustworthy teacher. I liked his overall vibe! So, that was it! I got on again and I bought the 'Principles of Basic Astrology' online course. I knew it was right for me, since I was a beginner, and I needed the right guidance, but since I did not have the luxury of a lot of free time, I needed something that could fit into my busy schedule and that I could work on, whenever I pleased. So, this course offered all that, so I thought it was a great start. After paying for my online course, I received my password by email, and I immediately entered the online course portal, and I had access to

the introduction video and the first lesson, right away! I was impressed.

First impression of the online course portal was great! Very well

organised, with a very informative and useful introduction video showing how everything in the online course portal and in the actual course works. The lessons are held within the online course portal. There are very high-quality pre-recorded videos for each lesson, analysing each lesson’s subjects in great detail! There are rich examples with diagrams and presentations that support and further enhance the thorough analysis of each of the main subjects, in each video.

There are, also, downloadable PDF files with study material for each lesson. Being a

beginner, I did not actually know what to expect, and after seeing the way that Vasilios Takos had very carefully written, prepared, organised and presented this course, I was really impressed! Each lesson’s study material was full of dense doses of astrological knowledge based on years of research and full of references and footnotes to ancient astrological texts.

The material was rich, comprehensible and easily understood by a beginner like me! I could

go back and watch the pre-recorded video as many times as I needed to, and I could combine it with my PDF study material that I had downloaded from the online course portal for a complete studying experience. After each lesson there was a test, I had to take in order for me to get to the next lesson. That was very useful, because I could find out where my strengths and weaknesses were and work on them further. There was also a special forum for each lesson, where I could post any question, I had regarding that specific lesson’s material, and I was receiving immediate answers by Vasilios! That made all the difference, for me. I had heard about some other pre-recorded online courses, that did not provide any further support to the student, so this was a real game changer! I was sure I had a teacher who was looking over my progress and he was there for me, every step of the way.

The course managed to keep me interested throughout and I was enjoying it more as I was

moving along. I felt that I was really learning all I needed to know about all the basic astrology principles that were thoroughly covered from every aspect within all the lessons, and I could say it was more than I expected! And I felt I was doing it the right way, within the most advanced online course portal with quality material and constant supervision by the teacher whenever needed! I realised that the lessons were not only perfect for a beginner like me, but I was sure that even experienced astrologers could benefit from taking this course! It would help put things in perspective, correct old notions and make them remember the real essence, the basis and joy of astrology, all over again.

That was what I have been looking for. A quality, great value for money, online course. After I finished the course, I received my certification, by mail, within a few weeks! It was beautiful!

Overall, I had a very nice feeling. I felt confident and I knew I was finally ready to take on any other branch of astrology I wanted, and I was sure I had acquired a solid basis of the

necessary astrological knowledge needed, for me, to take my next steps.

At last, I was ready to reach for the stars!

Marie Anne

Imaginarium World Guest

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