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The Harvest Full Moon - 10/9/2022

The Harvest Full Moon - 10/9/2022

Tonight, I saw in my dream that I was called to a heavenly gathering. Above the clouds I flew and found the cosmic temple, where the Fates of men are counted and appointed, I witnessed a Full Moon.

The Sun was still shining, strong before the end of summer, beckoning men to prepare for winter. It spoke of humble work and taking care of ourselves and our home.

The Moon and Neptune a dreamy alliance, sang sad songs about a summer that is departing.

One was pulling on one and the other was pulling on the other, I stood in the middle and watched them both, not knowing where to obey.

Should I be carried away by the seas of tears that come to my eyes, the ones that Neptune and the Moon bring, full of disappointment and dreams lost?

Or do I pull towards the Sun to work hard, forget my pain and say all is well and settled, 'What do you want? What do you seek? Let's get life in order, winter is coming...'' He's right too...he's about to start his descent and he's running to catch up. He certainly has no anxieties, lunar, emotional...he knows that everything will be fine...

In my dilemma, Mercury came and stood behind me he who was stationary yet righteous at the same time from the sign of Libra.

"You know what," the messenger whispered to me, "sometimes you don't need to think, you just need to visualize the life you want. Even I sometimes take a break and stop and don't move and run, don't share messages, don't spread my ideas, I stay there standing still to watch and take care of things that have already been done. That's the only way I can move forward. Look at these two, each one is telling you to do something else, but both are telling you to do the same thing. If you really listen to their message, you balance dream and reality. But not with the thought, I'm going to bed. I need to sort out everything that happened this semester. And I'm not the only one, all the planets are telling you to turn inward, listen to the events and let the ideas evolve when the weather is ripe like fruit picked from the tree when it's ready.

My friend, do not try to define your new life with thought, but with vision. This Full Moon tells you to dare to envision, nor to think, nor to plan; your judgment is clouded; let yourself only indulge in this alliance of dreams and see within yourself who you want to be. The Sun will not let you go, he will hold your hand and slowly with small steps and humbly you will organize this autumn. But let go of the thought, let go of the buzz and breathe."

At that moment Mars from Gemini entered, he was coming, silent he does not remain, he has a fiery word after all, and a sword he holds with his words to stump my ideas and put me to a mental test.

In a moment he is about to step into the fields of the eclipse we experienced in December 2021, when our ideas were called to the test. That eclipse held deep within it a deep self-preservation instinct, with Pluto and Venus, after all, in the sign of Capricorn and Mars in sextile from the sign of Scorpio. How much power, God, our beliefs hold? Τhey can move the whole chariot of our self-preservation, survival, love, creation...

This Mars now goes there to open the gate and tell you: "Remember that eclipse. New ideas had to be incorporated into your life but also test those old ones that no longer work and your passion for life awakened."

Finally, the two rulers of this full moon, Neptune the modern and Jupiter the traditional, took the floor.

Neptune, also retrograde, spoke about our need to surrender to a faith that comes not from what we know, but from what we feel. He spoke of our need to join with our deeper selves to a point where no words or actions are needed, just a deep reflection. It will bring tears to your eyes, that's for sure, but in the rivers of tears, after all, you find the essence of your being.

Jupiter last spoke and said: "Have faith in yourself. May the flame of your heart guide you. This is not a time to channel your flame into an action but to listen to it and let it warm you. Have faith in yourself and in the power, you hold within you."

The Sun woke me up... and yes, I was no longer afraid of tears, pain or doubt. Yes, I let him warm my face and we got to work.

The Full Moon on September 10 takes place at 10:58 pm (BST). It mainly affects Virgo, Pisces, Gemini and Sagittarius. Especially those born in the second decan i.e. 15-19°. Of course, also the Ascendant or those who have planets in these signs. Those who have planets 5-7° Virgo-Pisces, 10-12° Gemini-Sagittarius, 17-18° Taurus-Scorpio are also affected by the Full Moon. On a more inward level, Libras and Aries are affected, specifically 13° Libra and 13° Aries.

Mercury in Libra is in a stationary phase and invites us to reconsider issues concerning our relationships, our partnerships and, in general, our diplomacy and peaceful disposition.

The formation of the Full Moon with Neptune and Uranus involved speaks to us of the need to balance realism and dreaming while daring to envision our future and what we want from it.

The fact that most planets are in retrograde makes this full moon a difficult time for action that most favors visualization, prayer, and meditation. Beware of feelings of defeatism, although of course tears and emotion are in the cards. Don't sink into self-pity as the energies of Neptune with the Moon are very much in evidence, yet often do not correspond to reality. Clearly there may be events in which we are called upon to take action and assert our desires and wants. Caution is advised as there due to overload of the emotional field there can be intense irritation and passion that is not expressed in a healthy way, it also stems from our emotional deficiencies.

Venus from the sign of Virgo a difficult placement for her, she suffers emotionally and feels loneliness which she channels into practical tasks.

The North Node is in the Venus-Pluto midpoint, and combined with Venus' square to Mars, contacts become particularly intense. These contacts may not be with one person but there is a strong influence of the individual with the whole. This contact creates a tremendous attraction of the community to the individual. On a mundane level, Venus and Pluto speak of a crisis of material and financial possessions and the need to rethink our survival.

Mars standing between Moon-Venus and Sun-Venus (midpoints) gives us great creative power, instinct and passion for life driven by our deepest emotions. However, because our deeper feelings at this Full Moon are particular and there is a tendency to exaggerate or defeatism, it is advisable to channel this passion into creative healthy tasks. Mars in the above midpoints can awaken a love for a person, a desire for motherhood/fatherhood or a desire for travel and adventure.

The Full Moon is also called the Corn or Harvest Full Moon.

Anastasia Diakidi

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