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The Astromagical Hub

 Stars, Books & more

Welcome to Imaginarium. Here you will find all the Imaginarium Magazines, books and magical items, astrological services, events and workshops!

A hub where magic happens!

Imaginarium is celebrating everything magical and enchanting in the world. Anything mystical, magical, or simply alternative, has a place here! Here you shall find our magazine, other books and products, workshops, and online events. Here you may also book your astrological consultations  as well as lessons for beginners. 

The magazine includes articles about herbs in magic and folklore, enchanted travel destinations, magical photographers, fantasy & gothic literature, mythology, divination, astrology (articles, lessons, and monthly influences) as well as kitchen & beauty witchery recipes!  

Subscribe, so you will find out first all the amazing events, and offers we organize regularly. 

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