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The Full Moon in Leo - 5/2/2023

Come closer, I have something to tell you. I'm not in the habit of whispering, truth must be shouted on rooftops, accompanied by choruses of breaking chains. You tell me that I'm ruining your life, that I've armed you with hammers and grenades and you've destroyed everything you've spent years trying to build. But before that happened, I came whispering the truth to you. I was right there, in your head, telling you, "Go, run. This little man isn't you." When you ignored me your tension started burning you inside until there was an earthquake that shattered everything.

You blamed me. I don't care. One day you'll thank me. When you look back and see that out of this wreckage with my hand you built your new true life, yes, that's when you'll thank me.

My children are the Children of the Revolution. I am misunderstood. I am selfish, absolute, cold, terrorist, dictatorial. Yes, I freeze in the face of lies and cheap sentimentality but have you ever noticed what fire I light in your heart when we find together what makes your heart beat faster with excitement?

I armed the hand of writers to write masterpieces that changed the world, I, yes, armed the hand with muskets and swords all those oppressed people who died with their last breath saying: "I am free". I sparked Movements, Fraternities, Revolutions, I changed the world so that you could not be a slave (you betrayed my vision, Human, but that's another story). Yes, there were great leaders with Napoleonic visions and great Alexandrian campaigns. You can judge them but make sure you judge only their human nature and not the vision I instilled in them.

I sleep with mothers who, after the beating they suffered, we ran away together. I gave them the strength to get up from their muddy, bloody puddles. And at night when they cry alone, I kiss their mole-filled faces and whisper "don't cry, girl, you're free". I travelled the world with outcasts carrying only a suitcase full of dreams. I worked endlessly, night and day, with inventors. I flew high with aviators and discovered the seas and space with the explorers. I am not touched when you sniffle, but before the greatness of brotherhood, of Higher Inspiration, of intellect, I cry a river...because of your Higher Nature, Man of God. To injustice, first I shall rise when the rest of you lie and say: "But he was a good lad in the neighbourhood, a family man, a man of god....blah, blah, blah." You disgust me.

In the new age, I am blamed for alienating people through internet relationships. Yes, it's true, but alienation isn't just a vice of the internet. How many people do I connect with it? How many people do I bring together? How many groups of like-minded people from all over the world do I bring together every minute? How many of you found true love behind a social networking site? How many have studied with bright teachers in places where your feet could not take you? There has always been and always will be alienation...where there is no spark, where there is comfort, where there is convenience and benefits... There I will bring frost and rupture. But relationships that speak the truth, whatever it may be, have nothing to fear from me. Bonds of brotherhood, love-friendships, one-night stands.

Yes, those loves you've learned to socially condemn as wrong. You learned to judge women with a cigarette in their mouths, with fire in their eyes and between their legs, you judged them because they didn't want the liar's ties. You judged them for wanting to fly and bond with you in spirit and soul and not with the ties of money and contracts. In my eyes, these, the purest Virgin Marys, the ones who traded passions and intellect with bohemian folks who spoke of truth, freedom, beauty, love. The ones who could see beyond the zombies, the sheep, the flock of the pious and the Masters of Lies.

On this Full Moon on February 5 (18:27 UT) from the sign of Leo, I will come to shout at you. Where is your I and where is the We? Do you have truth to give me? The Sun and Moon will stand across to face each other and I, referee with a grenade in hand instead of a whistle. Look me in the eye and tell me: "I want my comfortable little life, I want to work my 9-5 and go to my wife's bed like a zombie." If you look inside yourself and tell me honestly that this is your truth I will tell you: "okay, get under the table until the earthquake passes and then get on with your life. You will put up with me for a little while as long as it takes to balance the universe." But if you feel in your heart that something is missing, that you want to run away and get away from everyone and everything, then you have two choices; either you take my hand and together we will break your chains until you can run free, until the air burns your lungs...or you let me throw the grenade at you...maybe then you will wake up.

If you sleep in tears because you want to escape, I'm here for you. Together we'll go out to speak the truth on the rooftops, yes my Brother, with the choruses of your breaking chains.

Don't cry for what's over now. Gone is the lie...what remains of the the Truth.



The Leo Full Moon affects Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, those born from 13- 19°. Uranus activates the eclipse degree that will take place May 5 and the influence of this Full Moon is extremely important.

The songs of the Full Moon

The Children of The Revolution

Freddie Mercury was a Uranian artist and personality and the chart of the Queen is also very Uranian, foretelling the revolutionary effect they had in the music industry with their mixing of different music genres.

by Anastasia Diakidi

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