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Imaginarium Magazine 2

Karmic Astrology - Kabbalah - Acheron - Malleus Maleficarum 

The Witching Hour photography, issue 2.png

Come with us to the enchanted woods of Massachusetts to meet @Joy Marshall and her work The Witching Hour: Fine Art Photography . 

Nona Voudouri will talk to us about Karmic Astrology and the Horoscope of the Soul. 

We shall learn the secrets of lavender in folklore, magic and folk medicine...

And we shall have an introduction to Kabbalah. 

The goddess Nyx, the hostess of this month, will tell us her story. 

We will make moon water and we will bless it as the cunning women of Greece and Anatolia used to. 

We will read about the Witch's Hammer, Malleus Maleficarum, the book that caused bloodshed in Europe and fueled the witch trials in America. 

In the classroom of Imaginarium, we will have our second astrology lesson: A brief history of Astrology. 

Then we shall cook...

And will organise our month based on the lunar phases. The witch's cabinet has also natural beauty recipes for body and soul. 

Then we shall take our brooms and fly to Acheron of Greece, to see the oracle of Hades and the wonderful nature surrounding it. 

After all these adventures, Fiona Beth will share a cuppa to warm us up with some Tarot insights and prompts. 

Thewitching hour photography, issue 2.png
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