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Imaginarium Magazine 5

John Dee- Monas Hieroglyphica- Eclipses- William Bouguereau

Adolfe William Bouguereau, The Artist of the month, issue 5.png
Eclipses History, Astronomy and predictions Issue 5.png

 Welcome once again to the world of Imaginarium. This month we will go back in time in the Elizabethan period of England where our tour guide, Panagiotis Kardaris will talk to us about Dr. John Dee and the Monas Hieroglyphica, the work of this great scientist, astrologer, magician and - probably- spy.

Dylan Warren-Davis will present his study about the symbol of Monas Hieroglyphica and all its secrets.

We will talk to Veronika Lavey about the art of story telling photography and her dream to unite the world through it.

We will learn about eclipses in history and astronomy. What is an eclipse? What are the Saros series? We will analyze the two eclipses and see how and who will be affected by them.

We will learn all the secrets of the Moon in mythology and we will learn about its three phases: the Daughter, the Mother and the Crone.

We will enter the Imaginarium class for the fifth lesson and we will continue with the archetypes of the zodiac signs. How does each sign function archetypally in its life, in love and in health? What myths and symbols are they associated with? What is the lesson to be taught?

We will admire the work of William Adolphe Bouguereau and the paintings that come to life with classicist mastery.

The fellow witches will take their broomsticks and come to our coven, where we will organize our month based on the moon and of course we will make our montly beauty recipes.

If you feel like it, we serve Harry Potter-inspired delicacies and drinks in the second part of our literary cooking.

Finally, we will have our tea -as every time- with Fiona Beth at the Tarot school where we will learn the secrets of the Emperor. 

Monas Hieroglyphica, a study by Dylan -Warren Davis, issue 5.png
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