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Gemini - The children of Mercury

Gemini, as the sign of Mercury, thinks and acts quickly. They are called the butterflies of the zodiac because their mutable nature makes them go from task to task. They love the intellect - but without going too deep into the intellectual process, the movement, and of course the conversations. Gemini identifies and classifies information and must express it in words or patterns so that communication is essential to them. Talking for Gemini is a weapon that often serves them for their activities and very often for their profession. Their disadvantage is that sometimes they become tiresome with their endless ideologies and their mental nervousness. However, they have a thirst for learning and like to study, often ending up being lifelong students. They have a great ability to perceive and learn. Their strong imagination makes them capable of professions that require writing, experimentation, or criticism. Education is very important for Gemini. If they do not receive it they can use their intellect in gossip and cheap humour. But if they acquire education and intellectual refinement, then they become very charming, without losing the lightheartedness that will make them friendly.

The planets in Gemini tend to have changes in situations and environments and to be able to function comfortably within them. It shows the ways and the points that we express ourselves with variety and lightness.

There is a duality in the sign that is usually seen in their moods but also in the ability to do two things at the same time. They are often described as two-faced, but the truth is that the task of a Gemini is to process the information given, which is why they often find it difficult to choose a side because they simply understand all the voices, as long as they have logical arguments. This is not at all accidental, considering that Gemini belongs to the mutable zodiac signs, ie the zodiac signs that "tread" between two seasons. The variety and the wide view are their characteristics. If a Gemini has no interests or does not stimulate their spirit, then they become melancholic. They get very hurt when others ignore them or show that they do not take them seriously, which is a bit contradictory to their behavior because many times they with their jolly tendency seem to seek something like that.

Gemini is very popular, usually social and their smart conversations, their childhood, and their clever humor make them likable. They love to travel, commute and change, as their constant curiosity always makes them look for new experiences. They are difficult to tie to a person or a place. Homes, companies, jobs, and hobbies change quite often.

Their relationship with money is usually volatile. However, it has been observed that they may respect their own money more than others'. Gemini is considered a nonconformist. They do not like to get into structures and prefer to stay out of situations as observers. They often react against the ruling class and break the law by resisting any restrictive authority. However, if Gemini manages to work on their negative tendencies, they have excellent potential that can make them reach very high ideals.

Children: Children in this sign are very charismatic. They need to get trained early because some things may be difficult to learn later. However, when they grow up, education and discipline must come of their own free will, when they wish or when their passion leads them to creative activity. Gemini kids need a variety of toys to keep them stimulated. The school must have liveliness and teachers who motivate them. Gemini is a free spirit and does not like discipline. With the right teacher, however, they do not need to, since they love learning - as long as it does not become boring. They are very smart and usually have no problems with their exams unless their education is undermined to the point that the child does not believe in himself or by the teacher's attachment to boring information. It is important to have stimuli even from the months of pregnancy; the more stimuli, music, colours, and shapes the better. Gemini children often speak faster than other children and their vocabulary is usually very rich. However, they need to learn and listen and be silent. Parents should keep in mind that the child's questions should be answered clearly and as fully as possible, as their mind rejects something that sounds absurd. They are mischievous children but certainly not naughty in the negative sense. Parents should not tell children to do only one thing - this is impossible and usually destructive. Each sign has its own talents and talents. Multitasking and variety for Gemini is not necessarily a negative trait.

Gemini in the cusp of a house shows the area of ​​life where we use logic more than emotion, where we are curious, and where we constantly need change and mental stimulation.

Health: Gemini has no mental or physical calm, they are constantly nervous, they eat fast, they move incessantly. In difficult and critical situations, however, they do not lose control. Gemini controls the hands and the nervous system and that is why they like to keep their hands busy. Their mental overstimulation, however, leads them to nervous states, and at extreme points, even to a nervous breakdown. For good health, Gemini should have a light diet without fat and engage in sports that can move, though mainly individual ones, like golf. They tend to start smoking to a greater extent than others, but because Mercury rules the lungs and can cause problems with them, it is best to quit as soon as possible. They are usually thin and nervous. Hand problems are also common.

Love: Gemini in love has the worst reputation. They are considered unstable and are generally believed to be one of the signs that cheat. However, this is not entirely true since Gemini loses interest in a relationship or a person when their partner stops communicating (or even laughing) with them. Clearly, they are the people who could date two people at the same time and they fall in love with both because each of them for the Gemini will fulfil different needs. Of course, this causes problems since we live in societies where polygamy is not considered acceptable. Love for them stems from the mind; they will write notes, letters, do everything to accelerate the development of a relationship and verbal methods will be one of them. This is not a sign that relies on sex and if they cheat the reason will not be because the existing relationship may not satisfy them sexually but mentally. They are also a sign that constantly flirts, but without necessarily reaching infidelity. Clearly, their attraction to complicated situations and their intelligence - perhaps their tendency to lie a little - puts them in trouble. But the love life remains alive and enjoyable for many years as they tend to flirt and shower their partner with compliments even decades later. Gemini is very good at starting a family because they love children and like raising them, not as much as they are babies but later when they can teach the kids or play with them.

Spiritual interpretation: As their name suggests, Gemini has the Celestial Gemini as their symbol. They symbolize the dual cosmic nature, the positive and the negative, good and evil, light and darkness, which the soul must learn to understand and work to reach the goal of Heavenly Wisdom. The human spirit is similar to quicksilver (which is also ruled by Mercury) and reacts to any change in atmospheric pressure. That is why people who are very much influenced by this sign, have a great understanding of these subtle fluctuations. Castor, one brother, who was a mortal, was killed in battle, while Polydeuces (Pollux) the immortal gave his brother back his life provided he would share his time, both on earth and in the underworld. This metaphor, reminiscent of the myth of Persephone, speaks of the situation where people fall into darkness. Gemini's lesson is to bridge the gap between the two brothers, that is, to allow Pollux to function in our daily lives and during our sleep to let our lower self Castor go to heaven. Gemini is considered the sign of angels since angels are what Mercury was - messengers. It is no coincidence that the full moon of June, of Gemini, is called the Full Moon of Christ, where love, light, cooperation, and will are celebrated.

The story of the disciples of Christ who received the fiery tongues in order to teach the new religion is also connected with the sign of Gemini. The lesson of the Gemini is this; to share Wisdom with their word and to carry the Wisdom of Heaven to earth as well as the message of the brotherhood of peoples.

Imaginarium Magazine Issue 4

Anastasia Diakidi

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