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Imaginarium Magazine 7

Welcome to the summer issue of Imaginarium!

In this issue we will welcome four ladies:

Irina Oreshina opens her gates to us in her summer dream.

Melanie Dietze tells us about her romantic fashion and photography. Janne Ford tells us about the secrets of floral photography and her educational plans for the following months.

Evangelia Papanikou travels to Aeaea, on the island of Circe where she is going to narrate us the story of the misunderstood witch.

We will always enter the classroom for our astrology lesson and we will see our "Luminaries", the Sun and the Moon on our natal chart.

We will travel to Rhodes and read the history of the Knights of St. John and the Old Town of the island.

Apart from Rhodes, a flashback awaits us at the Moulin Rouge, the most famous cabaret in the world through its art and the art of the Belle Epoque.

Then we will cook and organize our month based on the Moon. The beauty and wellness recipes that give a magical touch to our month.

Of course, there are also magic potions, what is the history of love potions? Which one was the Queen of Potions for the Witches of Anatolia and Greece?

Finally, Fiona Beth will serve our tea in her Tea Break Tarot School and we will talk about the secrets of the Lovers.

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