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Imaginarium Magazine 9

Welcome to the October issue of Imaginarium!

This month we will study darker topics, in anticipation of Halloween. We will learn about vampires in myth and legend, we will see the story of the Graiae, the terrible witches of mythology with one eye and one tooth. We will read about the Resurrection of the Divine Female during the ages of Mankind (part B) and how and where we will seek her. Rich Halloween theme: who is Jack'o-lantern and why do we carve pumpkins? What is Samhain and how did it relate to Halloween? Of course, the celebration also requires delicacies. We will go into the kitchen for recipes to die for. In this issue we will welcome two magical creatures: Christina Fischer and celebrate with her dark creatures, and Adam Oehlers who will guide us through the magical and strange, dimly lit places of his art. As always we will take our brooms for a short trip to Romania and Dracula's Castle. What is Castle's relationship with Stoker's Dracula and what is its relationship with the real Vlad Dracul? When we return we will organize the month based on the Moon and our favourite autumn rituals, as of course we will get ready for the night when the spectres rise to earth. Finally we will enter the classroom, as every month, for our astrology lesson. All about Venus and her qualities in every sign. Also, we will learn the secrets of the Strength in the Tarot, in the Fool's journey. All these along with spells, magic, poetry, myths, and literature.

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