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Leo - The profile of a zodiac King

23 July - 22 August

Element: Fire

Ruler: Sun.



Body Point: Heart & Spine

Symbol: Lion

Keywords: vitality, power, self-expression

Leos are born under the sign associated with generosity and chivalry. Their ruler is the Sun and, just as he is the Almighty, the benefactor of every living creature, so too Leos have a source of generosity and a tendency to be the centre of attention. The key phrase that represents Leos is "I want".

It is a sign that remains fair yet courageous despite difficulties. They always have grandiose plans in mind, which they try to realize by all means but even in failure, they stand tall with dignity. Leos are very much attached to children and need reproduction, both for their bodies and their intellect. Their tendency to flirt and make love is obvious and sometimes costs them with great disappointments. The sign rules the heart from which generosity springs, without thought of the cost. It is said that Leos believe that the end justifies the means and will often do anything to achieve their goal. They handle money in the same way, using it as a means to achieve their goals.

Like all fire signs, they are extremely honest to the point that they don't think about what they say and can hurt others or appear to be rude and snobbish. They are very confident and often think they are always right, without listening to the opinions of others. They want very much to be liked and spend too much energy on this. Their symbol, the lion, denotes authority, dignity and majesty. Leos behave like kings and perhaps their greatest flaw is their excessive pride. However, they have a strong will, fighting spirit and determination, and they do not lack leadership skills which is why they are often found in leadership or managerial positions. They are also often seen in artistic positions as they have artistic tendencies and a great affinity for theatre and the arts in general. They have a need to express themselves creatively with their emotions and feel that their sensitivity as well as the sense of justice they have within them should be recognized. They want people to think of them as benefactors. If their need for power and greatness is not realized, they often display characteristics of laziness, inconsistency and sloth.

Women especially, in this sign, behave like true lionesses and defend their children to the hilt. In marriage they could also be very dominant to bossy and oppress the people around them. The fire element is so glowing that they give off radiance and heat. Like lions, people in the sign of Leo are much more sensitive than they appear. When they get hurt they retreat to their den and lick their wounds until they feel better. Of course, there is no shortage of theatrical scenes, as lions are known for their tendency to be a bit of a...drama queen.

They like expensive things and often splurge on acquiring goods however they are not frivolous as they have the ability to save and often beautify and support something that may be cheap with their natural magnificence. However, they will not spare money for goods that will last a lifetime such as for example a house or a car.

Planets in Leo operate with courage, pride and a tendency to show off. They are the planets that attract attention but are also praised by others.

Leo in the cusp of a house indicates the area of life where we can develop our creativity. It is where our heart is but also where we want to be loved and invest personal energy.

Children: Children in this sign are usually happy and enjoy good food and the good things in life. Quite soon the elements of despotism of the sign will manifest. Therefore, bossiness will have to be reined in and the young lion cubs will have to be trained from an early age so that they do not become arrogant and oppressive towards other children. Also, their leadership skills should not be discouraged but should be channelled into constructive activities. Constructive should also be the criticism given to them by teachers and parents, otherwise they may retreat into their nest and their progress may be ruined, as they tend to feel inadequate when they are not praised. They need caution in their career decision because they can often be attracted to something just to prove themselves capable of a career. Leo children should be directed early on to theatre, art groups as well as sports.

Health: The robust sign, without aggravating factors, has excellent vitality and health. Care is needed to avoid excesses and poor diets that put a strain on the heart. There is a tendency for heart disease, problems with the right eye, and with the spine.

Love: When this sign falls in love the Sun shines. They fall in love often and intensely. But when things don't go well, this is a sign that shows its emotions on its face. If their love is reciprocated they shower their partners with love and attention. They show incredible generosity and understanding with their flaws but of course they ask the same of their partners. They are loyal and like to be encouraged and complimented. Sexually they are also passionate and want to give satisfaction. Of course, the setting of the sexual act should be special yet glamorous. In stable relationships they become very companionable, but for a relationship to succeed there must be reciprocity, that is, partners must give pleasure, enjoyment, fun, satisfaction and of course boost each other's self-confidence and guide and energize each other's enthusiasm and ambition. A characteristic of the sign is that they become excellent parents. They ardently want to have children and make them happy. They should be very careful with excessive pressure, as they often push their children to do what they themselves could not do when they were children.

Spiritual Interpretation: The royal sign, associated with the Sun's warmth and radiance. The sign is associated with the Kingdom of Heaven and is associated with the God Apollo and the myth of Phaethon, the son of the Sun God who considered it his privilege to lead the chariot to the heavens. When he took his privilege for granted, the fiery chariot killed him in Phaethon's attempt to maneuver it. A story that testifies to the tendency of lions to be overconfident in their powers and their sense that their own will is enough to command the will of God. The Lion is associated with true love, that represented through the little Christ, the little boy who came into the world to bring the message of Peace and Love. When the Lion humbly becomes king, he will indeed bring love, warmth and justice to the people around him. According to Alice Bailey, the Lion is associated with Hercules' feat against the Lion of Nemea. Another myth that speaks of pride, the lower will, the lower self, which must be crushed in order for the hero to truly emerge victorious.

Imaginarium Magazine Issue 5, May 2021

Anastasia Diakidi

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