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Pisces: The magic of seeing into the Beyond (Photo Gallery)

Pisces is a very sensitive sign and those born under it are extremely receptive to the thoughts and feelings of others. They subconsciously absorb the energies and ideas of everyone around them. They are generally considered to have a weak will, although they always try and want to do the right thing. However, they are very easily influenced by external factors and it is very difficult for them to stand on their own and face the unknown with faith. The Pisces symbol is two joined fish, one swimming upwards and the other downwards, a symbol that indicates the duality of these people's emotions. It is very difficult for Pisces to draw a conclusion, or make a decision. They also generally have a physical, in addition to mental, weakness and very often feel tired and need to rest away from people. Most of them avoid sports and are not competitive at all. They do not like fighting and competition in general, they prefer to suffer physically and mentally, rather than fight. However, when their patience is exhausted and they are fed up, they get so angry and it is difficult to calm them down. Then they will show stubbornness and it will be very difficult for someone to change their mind or try to make them see the logical side. The modern ruler of Pisces is Neptune, while their traditional ruler was Jupiter. Both planets are related to faith. They have humour, they are nice, and generally, enchant the people around them. Practical people are tired of Pisces, however, their gentle and kind nature makes them go with the flow and they are likable. Being a double sign, they have another side that can become very capable and very detailed; it tends towards the opposite sign, Virgo. Their mood varies from extremely pessimistic to extremely optimistic. Pisces in general are not ambitious for material goods. However, when they are young, they aim for materialism and may try to find themselves in it. They must be very careful with their assets as well as with the assets of others. They tend to seem completely alien to others. However, if they control this uniqueness of their character, they become extremely unhappy. Pisces are not made to live in reality, they need the dream, where they can lose or forget themselves. If this trend comes out in art, poetry, and music, they become great artists with incredible dramatic talent. If they do not channel their escapism tendency into art, then they often end up addicted to alcohol and drugs.

Johfra - Pisces

Neptune gives Pisces the strong tendency for sacrifice and the ability to heal and alleviate the pain of others. We often see Pisces who dedicate their strength, time, and whole life to helping those who are sick and alone. They will often do so without taking anything in return, as they are extremely devoted to those they love or to those around them who suffer. They are characterized by a lack of selfishness which can often become problematic. They succumb to the 'syndrome of Christ' where they try to save the whole world and we often see them suffering from victim psychopathology. They do not see the truth clearly and are blind to all the flaws of those they love and trust. The key phrase for Pisces is "I believe".

The planets in Pisces tend to be out of focus and without limits in expression. They are motivated and moved by emotion and not by practical issues.
Pisces in a house cusp indicates the area of ​​life that we use imagination and escape from reality; where we tend to sacrifice for others but also to follow our intuition.

Health: The physical sensitivity of Pisces is at the feet, specifically the soles. The soles of the feet are the points where everyone's toxins end up. They may have very nice feet for high-heeled shoes, although low-heeled shoes are more appropriate. Due to Neptune's rulership, they have a sensitive immune system and need plenty of sleep, rest, and a calm environment. Their grief and excessive worry become a real torment for them and make them prone to psychosomatic problems. Meditation, prayer, and contact with the sea are extremely beneficial for their delicate health.

Cyril Jones - Pisces

In astrology, each sign's characteristics make up for qualities lacking in the sign that precedes it. Aries, the sign that begins the zodiac, symbolized spring and flows after Pisces, the last sign, born of winter. It is also a sign that rules the Universal. In Pisces there are no boundaries, just all-encompassing love. Pisces is the symbol of primordial waters of creation itself." -Susan Miller, Planets and Possibilities, 2000

Possibly Ustad Osman- Pisces


Pisces children either hate or love water. It would be good for the parents to deal with a potential phobia because the child will benefit from the water element. They are shy children who generally adapt quickly to school and play with other children. They have a vivid imagination and the fairy tales come to life in their minds. The most important lesson that parents should teach their children is the value of honesty because Pisces tends to lie, not necessarily out of deceit but because they confuse or delude themselves. They are children who can cry a lot and parents should not be harsh but they should be strict and sculpt the character of the child so that they do not resort to tears when they are in difficult situations. They love courses related to the arts, music, dance, as well as literature or poetry. They are not good at all in mathematics and science. A school of fine arts would suit them and it would be good for them to join an artistic group from an early age. During adolescence, parents should watch their children because it is much easier to get carried away and experiment with drugs and alcohol. In general, all children in adolescence need attention, but especially Pisces because they get carried away and need to escape, which can lead to serious addictions. Pisces in their career will make many changes to the profession. Parents should encourage children to follow their inclination and not try to put them in the shape of practical realism. If they encourage their children to do artistic activities, volunteer or caring for weak people, then their empathy and compassion will find fertile ground for a truly wonderful person to grow and flourish.

Virgil Finlay - Pisces

Love: Pisces are very romantic and very expressive when they fall in love. Their romance and generosity have no limits, something that can often suffocate their partner. They are looking everywhere for candidates who will make them experience the 'fairy tale', but they need to be careful because they are attracted to people with mental health problems or addictions, so they can play the role of their saviour. When they are in a relationship, they shower their partner with care and love. They should be careful to build an honest relationship based on truth and not lies. Their partner should encourage them to practical solutions and strengthen their determination- as Pisces tends to procrastinate-, or their ability to act more confidently.

Man Ray-Pisces

Spiritual Interpretation:

Pisces close the zodiac circle and the journey of the Sun to the 12 signs. The souls embodied in this sign return to earth to learn the lesson of divine peace, of immobility behind every form, movement, or sound. Where the Ego is catalysed and Man is united with the universe. Pisces is related to the Age of Pisces that we have been going through for thousands of years. This era was marked by the figure of Jesus Christ and the other great monotheistic religions in general. Not coincidentally, Jesus is symbolized by the fish. The Godman who spoke of sacrifice and supreme love is in complete union with the demands of the sign of Pisces. This sign speaks of the newly perfected soul that can return to God. Like Christ, Pisces must humbly kneel and wash the feet of their disciples, just as every soul - to reach perfection- must set aside selfishness and be ready to be humbled in any way. Venus is in exaltation in the sign of Pisces. A planet that speaks of love, beauty and union, finds her supreme expression in the sign of Pisces; the sign associated with the divine Union, the secret marriage of the soul. There, the supreme love, compassion, and empathy acquire beautiful grace. Many scholars believe that Christ was born under the sign of Venus and came to save mankind and to teach the true way of life.

Vasko Taskovski- Pisces

PhyllisMahon- Pisces

Marianne Velis Goodell- Pisces

Anne Bachelier - Poissons

C. Finley - Pisces

Caroline Smith - Pisces

Anastasia Diakidi

Imaginarium Magazine Issue 6, June 2021

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