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Planetarium 5/2/22

A fortunate aspect is taking place today with the Greater Benefic, Jupiter and the Sun in the sign of Pisces.

Jupiter in this sign is very strong, as it is the sign of his night rulership.

In traditional astrology, when a planet is touching the Sun is considered in the Heart of The King (Sun) and it is receiving all the fortune from Him. Although, this is debatable -whether or not this is true- in modern astrology also it is considered that the conjunction of Sun and Jupiter is a lucky and very fortunate aspect. A blessing!

It affects the Water and Earth signs, especially Pisces and Virgo, of those who have been born around the middle of their sign (13-16°).

The aspect brings opportunities for expansion, travel and education as well as promising prospects in career.

Don't let this aspect pass without trying your luck today. But be aware! Pisces is a sign with no boundaries, same as Jupiter in this sign. Careful with false optimism and overconfidence that it is too risky.

Of course, it is a day we should...give it a go, though as always, moderation is the key.

Last but not least, today is a day of gratitude. So before the day is gone and the tempting thought crosses your mind: "Oh well, I didn't have any luck, today!", count your blessings, my dear friend.

Pray for those in need those difficult times, and think that you are blessed in your warm bed.

Pisces is a sign that ask us to turn inwards, to forgive, to be kind and helpful to others. Jupiter is the father of gratitude. Don't forget that nothing good comes when you are not open - not only to the external possibilities but also to love.

So, if I could give a title to the day, this would be:


Have a lovely weekend.

Many blessings,

Anastasia xx

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