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Planetarium 13/10

Venus sextile Saturn 🪐

Today, Venus from the sign of Sagittarius, like Alice in Wonderland full of enthusiasm and youthful curiosity meets Saturn, the planet related to old age, maturity, and restriction. Their connection is not bad at all. Saturn teaches Venus that inhibitions may sometimes preserve stability and that loyalty, duty, economy, and diplomacy are necessary...even if you go for an adventure in Wonderland.

Today's aspect brings good judgment in business agreements and stability in love affairs and financial matters. Especially, a love affair that starts with this transit may have stability and the potential to last.

There are no downfalls for this aspect, yet there is still a tone of conservatism. A pause for reflection puts Venus' focus from wanting to...learning.

It affects Sagittarius, Aquarius, Gemini, and Leo from 5-7° (born 26-29/12 26-29/1 26-29/5 26-29/7) or those who have planets or Ascendant on those degrees.

For the monthly Planetarium check the latest Imaginarium issue.

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