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Planetarium 22/10/2021

Tomorrow, it is formed a difficult aspect in the skies. Mars squares Pluto.

Super careful as this aspect brings violence, extreme jealousy and possessiveness, obsession, and sexual harassment. A healthy relationship may be beneficial as it awakens passion. Efforts at personal transformation. Medical procedures such as operations. Strategic thinking is good but make sure you do not use manipulation to achieve control.

Both planets are associated with violence, anger and passion.

Avoid confrontations and use this energy to achieve something that needs either great courage or focused determination.

Great stamina is also a trait of this combo so try a more athletic or healthy competitive outlet.

It affects the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra & Capricorn) from 23-25° (born roughly the fourth week of their sign frame) and everyone who has planets or Ascendant on those signs and degrees.

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