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Planetarium 4/10/21

Painting Mercury and Jupiter in the House of Philemon and Baucis by Jacob van Oost, the Elder (c.1601-1671)

Mercury Trines Jupiter tomorrow!

A very nice aspect that denotes good judgment and the taking-in of the full picture. Creativity and activity may bring success. It is an aspect that enhances speculative thought and positive thinking. Therefore it brings great opportunities.

Interest in learning, teaching, and travelling that will expand one's horizons.

If you are writing, travelling, or publishing, this day will bring opportunities and favourable outcomes.

Mercury is retrograde so if you are re-evaluating and re-examining your studies, beliefs, or communication patterns, you will speculate on what works and what needs to change.

Favourable day to socialize too and have a good chat with friends.

A very positive aspect that affects the Air signs (Gemini-Libra-Aquarius) from 21-23°.

The aspect comes to exactness in the late hours of the 4th October, therefore it is already activated.

Also, tomorrow the Moon is in the sign of Virgo forming a trine with Uranus. Another aspect that indicates sudden success or accomplishment that might come with the help of friends. The mind is overexcited so use both aspects to working towards your goals and objectives with creativity and originality. You can change your circumstances and break free from limiting beliefs.

Go for a walk to notice nature changing and also to put your thoughts and worries in order. The Moon in Virgo asks you not to forget to give thanks to Nature and all the workers on this Earth who humbly work to maintain the balance around us!

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