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Scorpio Season

Element: Water Ruler: Mars & Pluto Feminine Fixed Body Parts: Reproductive organs Symbol: Scorpion Keywords: Rebirth, Secrecy, Control Many astrologers believe that Scorpio is the most powerful sign of the zodiac. This is believed on the one hand because it is ruled by Mars and Pluto, and on the other hand because the planet Uranus has its exaltation in this sign; a planet whose energy is shocking yet mesmerizing. Scorpio symbolizes profound transformation on all levels. Depending on the individual's vibration, this can be achieved in the higher or lower levels of consciousness. In any case, Scorpio has tremendous energy, intense emotional desire, and will. It is a sign that is strongly associated with sexual drive and indeed there is a tremendous emotional power behind a Scorpio's love affair. This of course does not exclude extreme jealousy, possessiveness, and even violence. It is said that no sign is as capable of absolute good and absolute evil as Scorpio. It is important that they use their energy for good, otherwise, they can destroy and be destroyed too. Whatever they deal with, will either be transformed or destroyed; they never do anything superficially, they work deeply and whatever they do has terrible consequences. Scorpios who work in the higher planes of consciousness are advocates of the order even in the face of death. Being a fixed sign ruled by Mars and Pluto, it has a terrifying power for power and is capable of making any effort, even sacrifices, until it finds justice. Scorpio individuals hate weakness and want to control everything. Weakness for a Scorpio stems from the lack of control; when you do not know, you can not control. For this reason, they often become obsessed with unravelling the truth. It is a sign that if one has for a friend he will receive excessive generosity and unlimited help. Despite their secretive tendency, they do not have diplomacy and express their feelings and words without filtering. However, they often prefer to remain silent and observe people around them. For this reason, they are excellent at any job involving secrecy as well as research. We often find Scorpios as detectives, research scientists (especially those related to the cell, the molecular structure, the volcanos and geological phenomena, etc.), psychiatrists and psychics, or other researchers of parapsychology and introspection. They have great intuition, the ability to retrieve hidden information and even make others trust them. They feel bad and generally have strong thought-forms. In battle, a Scorpio will show no mercy, so their enemies should be prepared for everything. They love and hate madly. Their inexhaustible creative power can regenerate the individual from the ashes and make one extremely successful. The key phrase for Scorpios is "I desire". Because of the 8th house, the house of death, Scorpios have a special relationship with death. Many of them are not afraid of it at all as they can see the mysterious circular nature of existence. However, some Scorpios are afraid of death because the idea of ​​death makes them completely lose control of life.

Children: Scorpio children have great reserves of energy and great emotion. They seem to realize more than other kids their age. In the school years, they may be insecure and therefore may become very possessive with their toys and friends. They are generally active children and parents should direct them into sports or other creative activities early on. They should also work on the issue of jealousy, especially if there are other siblings. Being a fixed sign, they need stability, discipline, and routine. They can not tolerate anarchy as it stresses them and they feel they lose control. They work hard with whatever they get, but no one can force them to do something they do not want to do. For this reason, it is good to engage in activities or studies of their choice. Health: Their body, it is generally strong and muscular. What stands out is their strong aura and penetrating eyes that emit mysticism and magnetism. They should be more careful with aphrodisiac diseases as well as diseases in general related to the reproductive and excretory organs. Love: In love, Scorpios are very passionate and when they fall in love they do it deeply and completely. They are sexually and emotionally passionate, with their emotions reaching a degree of obsession. Unrequited love is a challenge for a Scorpio as they do not stop until they get the desired answer. Their relationship is usually troubled and difficult. They have a tendency for jealousy and possessiveness that can tire their partners out. Usually, most of their phobias are unfounded and unjustified, however, their suspicious nature does not allow them to calm down. It is difficult for them to break up with somebody, but if they do, they will do it abruptly and without any chance of going back. If a Scorpio thinks that the relationship has given what had to give, they will end it without regret. For Scorpios, the motto is " All or nothing" as of course and ... "In love and war, everything is permitted". They are very friendly - of course, they are slow to open - and will hardly settle into a permanent serious relationship unless they have solved practical problems, such as finances. Sexuality is hugely important for a couple. The routine should be avoided and there should be sexual variety. It is a sign that likes experimentation and constant changes.

Spiritual Interpretation: Mars, the ruler of the sign, is the planet associated with divine fire and energy. It is related to creation and destruction, birth and death since it rules the desire of nature. Pluto, the modern ruler of Scorpio, is the God of the Underworld who -for some- is considered the biggest supporter of life. With these two rulers, then, Scorpio is capable of absolute sacrifice and spiritual devotion to excessive materialism and destruction. In this incarnation, they have come to fight the monster of their inferior nature to transform from Scorpios to eagles. Scorpio is a sign of initiation and during the initiation, the Warrior-Student must go down to the Underworld, confront the Darkness of the Self, converse with his old Ego and the Demons, and then transform into a fearless warrior. In Alice Bailey's book: " The Labours of Hercules", in the sign of Scorpio, Hercules has to face Lernaean Hydra, the monster with the nine heads that spits fires. The heads of Hydra correspond to the nine monsters we need to tame: Sex, money, comfort, hatred, fear, separation, desire for power, arrogance, and evil. Hercules remembers the words of his Master who told him that we only exalt ourselves when we kneel, and so he did.

He put his club aside, knelt in the mud, and defeated Hydra with his bare hands, as he raised it in the air and the Light and weakened it. The legend ends with Hercules cutting off the head that made Hydra immortal and burying it in the ground, where her screams can still be heard. In the sign of Scorpio, the water becomes a swamp or the water that we find in the deep well that quenches the traveller's thirst, cleanses and heals him but is in the dark, stagnant. This sign marks the beginning of the winter months and speaks of the forced death of nature, the fallow. As in nature, so in life - winter and death are necessary for rebirth. The months when Persephone goes down to the Underworld and her mother mourns, are the months when the daughter is plunged into darkness so that she can come out stronger again in the spring. Saint John and the Apocalypse are also associated with Scorpio (it is no coincidence that the evangelist's symbol is the eagle). The mysteries of creation and evolution are revealed when the free soul flies to heaven near the light. Scorpio symbolizes battle and triumph, through self-sacrifice and devotion to the deep waters of eternal Wisdom.

The planets in Scorpio operate with passion, intensity and courage. They are able to pass through fire and iron and be reborn stronger. Scorpio in the cusp of a house shows the area of our life that is subject to cyclical processes of crisis, purification and renewal; where we go deep and have the least tendency to negotiate.

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