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Imaginarium Magazine 10 English Edition

Welcome to the November issue of Imaginarium!

November is another dark month both in our subject matter and in the Wheel of the Year. Following the sabbaths and the descent of the Sun, we will explore many articles and topics about the goddess Hecate. Since Hecate's Night is approaching on the 16th November, we will learn how to host a feast that honours the goddess, the famous Hekate's Deipnon. We will learn about the Day of the Dead in Mexico and the people of Latin America, a joyful and colourful celebration.

Our dear mythologist, Evangelia Papanikou, in this issue is sharing with us a wonderful short story The Supper in the Nekromanteion, a short story that fits perfectly with the essence of the month.

We will welcome Danielle Olson who will talk to us about the ancestral foods and cuisine of the Goddess. She will also give us recipes for a wonderful Supper in honour of Hecate.

In this issue, we also host two more ladies: Nom Kinnear King the painter with her melancholic girls, and Maria Lipina, the Russian photographer who conveys us to the Siberian beauty of her crystal-like country.

As always, we take our brooms, and this month we travel to Hesse of Germany and to Castle Frankenstein, what has the Castle got to do with Mary Shelley's literary masterpiece?

Our lessons for the month include the monthly astrology lesson and the secrets of the planet Mars; the herb of the month: belladonna, the Dark Lady of the plants, and of course in the Tarot lessons we will discover the secrets and virtue of the Hermit.

We will also study the Early Vampire Literature, a relatively obscure literature that laid the foundations for Dracula and later vampire works.

Finally, every month, we will organize our month based on the astrological aspects, and in the Witch's Cabinet, we will see how the phases of the Moon help us to achieve well-being and beauty in compliance with nature.

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